Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thursday Thirteen--States

"I have lived in Michigan my entire life."  With saying that statement, one might think that I have never travelled outside of its borders, like what I did for our last family vacation.  But that is not the case, I have travelled to many of the fifty states and even taken the time to sit in front of their capitol buildings. 

For a few summer vacations as a teen, my family would do a family vacation.  Our goal for the vacations was to visit states that we had not visited the year before and to go through the capital city to find and see the capitol building.   

So for today's list of thirteen, I am going to share 13 of the states along with the capital cities that I have visited.

  1. Lincoln, Nebraska

  2. Jefferson City, Missouri

  3. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

  4. Sacramento, California

  5. Phoenix, Arizona

  6. Denver, Colorado

  7. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

  8. Nashville, Tennessee

  9. Boston, Massachusetts

  10. Monteplier, Vermont

  11. Concord, New Hampshire

  12. Hartford, Connecticut

  13. Lansing, Michigan

Well there is thirteen, however, I could list TEN more(if you include our nation's capitol building)!!

My family did a lot of travelling around the country!  We financed our trips with collecting pop cans and bottles from alongside the roads so that we could cash them in to redeem Michigan's 10 cent deposit that is on those cans and bottles. 

For more lists of thirteen, head over to Happy to be at Home.


Kristi said...

I feel so unworldly. The only one I've been to in that list is Lansing.

JessieLeigh said...

That's a great list! my family traveled around alot too. I've always been grateful for that. Of course, I've also LIVED in about a dozen different states, so it's not quite so shocking that I've been so many places...

The capital city I would love to visit again would be Austin, TX. Absolutely loved that city!

Sherry said...

I've traveled through several states, but I admit that I haven't seen all their capitals. I haven't traveled to the Northeastern states though and would love to go sometime. I was born in Maine, but I was too young to remember. :D

Donna said...

Hey, you've been down my way!