Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Enhancing Your Reading Program

Out of my five children, I have two children that love to read, and it is very difficult to keep good books in their hands. A couple of years ago it got to the point that going to the library was a long, drawn out process! Not that I don’t like going to the library with my children, but when you try to look for good books for one child but have a screaming infant or an impatient toddler disrupting your concentration — all while everyone around you is staring at you…well, it makes for a rough visit!

Can you identify??  

To read more and find out what resources I use to help cut down on that long drawn out process at the library, read my article, "How to Enhance Your Reading Program" over at Happy to be at Home

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Roan said...

Hi! I can most certainly identify! I have 5 children of my own....ages 3,5,9,11,and 13. I have pretty much given up going to the library for the same reasons you have mentioned! Plus the fact that we live 20 minutes away. Also, my 11 and 13 yo girls have read everything at the library that I am familiar with....I am fixing to read your articles for ideas. Currently, I am building my library through amazon.com! I don't spend much money on homeschool curr., so I budget money each month for books.