Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday--Homeschooling

A few weeks ago, I was talking to a homeschooling friend of mine catching up and asking her about her year. As the conversation started she made the comment that they almost didn't homeschool this year because of financial reasons. However, they were able to continue with homeschooling because her parents provided them the means to get the books her son needed for this year. I thought that it was wonderful for the grandparents to step up and show that they backed the decision to homeschool!

I told my friend that had the grandparents not stepped up to pay for books that she still could have done homeschooling using the library and internet! There is so many free educational sites available to use for schooling that you don't need to have curriculum books!

Along with the scope and sequence charts , the internet and the library have worked for me to be able to homeschooling my children for nearly free these past eight years.  I have been able to find websites where others have made up lesson plansunit studies and even printable worksheets to help round out our schooling.

I know that some would rather have the curriculum books with teacher's books so that they feel confident that they are teaching their child the correct things. However, when money is tight following a scope and sequence chart and finding out your child's interests can make for a great school year at home!

Homeschooling for nearly free works for me! 

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~*Michelle*~ said...

Hey there.....popped in on your blog and wanted to thank you for posting the links for homeschooling resources. We too are on a very tight budget and every bit o' FREE helps!


Anonymous said...

This is awesome. Thank you so much for posting these resources. I want to homeschool for free, but haven't really known how to go about it. It's encouraging to know there are people doing it successfully. Thanks again.

Sherry @ Lamp Unto My Feet said...

Thanks for the great resources! :D

Frugal Finds said...

I love homeschooling posts! I am not a homeschool but we consider ourselves to be co-schoolers. I buy very little for this too. Most things are made by me, borrowed from the library or printed from the internet. The internet is a wonderful thing!!

Lana said...

What a neat site - thanks!

Anonymous said...

What a great reminder that we don't need to have the packaged curriculums to teach our kids. Although, I must say I'm pretty spoiled and I'm grateful to have them!

Lee said...

Thanks for the great links. I'll be using these.

Beth said...

I love the idea of using a scope and sequence chart to guide homeschooling. I regularly use our state education standards when I plan what to teach to my kindergartener. I am a huge believer of being able to homeschool for free or cheap!