Monday, January 12, 2009

All about "G"

This past week we got back into the swing of school and that included my kindergartener.  We learned the letter G!
It wouldn't be "G" week at my house if we did not read the book the Green Eggs & Ham at least a couple times during the week!  I am not sure why my kids love this story about trying to get someone to eat green eggs & ham but they do so it is a favorite around here!  Funny thing is I can't get them to eat the green eggs!  
Grapes are one of the favorite fruits around here!  We like them fresh rather than frozen!

Graham crackers were fun to eat this week but taking frosting and making homemade "stick cookies". 

We learned about gems. We learned about glasses and talked about different people that wear them. 

For Bible class we read the story about David and the Goliath the Giant!

We talked about the color green. 

It is cold outside so we wore gloves to keep our hands warm.

Our science for the week was learning about giraffes.

Stay tuned for our "H Week", we are talking about hair, hearts, and heaven!


Kristi said...

Green eggs and ham was one of Noah's favorites when he was little too. there actually is an animated short at the movie store that I got for him that he would watch over and over.

Kate said...

Did I ever tell you that I purposely got us off schedule so that I could just "borrow" your lesson plans every week? And, I've let you get a few ahead even. We're starting F next week. I can't wait!!