Sunday, December 21, 2008

Winter Weather

In the last THREE days, we have been snowed in twice!!  On Friday, we had record snowfall for that particular day.  Most areas, including my area got over 11 inches of snow!!!

My hubby had to go out our patio slider door(that is covered) so that he could take this picture of our side door. 

This picture is after they(hubby and the three older boys) used the snowblower and shovels down our driveway!  The sun decided to come out on Saturday while they were digging us out!

NOW today we are under blizzard conditions because the wind is whipping all the snow from Friday and today all over the place!  We decided to not go to church this morning because of the conditions and then the evening activities at church were cancelled!   The picture below is of my hubby and three older boys as they were walking around the backyard!  They found a drift that "swallowed" hubby's 34 inch inseam legs!!

And to think they are saying that Tuesday will be the same as Friday and Sunday!!  Oh winter weather in the Midwest!  There is very little chance that we will be having a "green Christmas"!!


Kim said...

Looks like tons of fun. Wish it would snow here in VA for Christmas.
Love your blog.

Judy said...

I live in New England and we got your weather!!! After it left the midwest it made its way here. Friday afternoon into Saturday we got 11-12 inches. Sunday it started snowing again and then turned into rain (which means, as you know, ice slicked roads).
I stayed put all weekend too. Hubby had to work.

Donna said...

I'm jealous! :-)
I love the snow!

Merry (white) Christmas!