Monday, December 22, 2008

Easy Peanut Butter Fudge

Over the last few days, I have been snowed in so I have had plenty of time to get my holiday baking done. I have several things in my freezer now to make up some goodie trays for the neighbors plus still have goodies available for us for the holidays. Today though was one of those days were my get up and go got up and left before I even got started on my day! So I was looking through my recipes, I found this one fudge recipe that makes ALOT but seemed easy to complete!

I got this fudge recipe from my friend, Leni!! I must say that this fudge is soooo easy!! It only has 3 ingredients, all of which I keep in my pantry!

So by now you are probably wondering what are the 3 ingredients and just how easy is this fudge!

Easy Peanut Butter Fudge

1 bag(12oz) milk chocolate chips
1 jar(18oz) crunchy peanut butter
1 can condensed milk

Put chocolate chips and peanut butter in a double boiler pan. Heat til the chocolate chips are melted(took about 5-7 minutes). Remove from heat and add the milk. Stir til smooth. Pour into a wax papered lined pan. I used a 15 x10 jelly roll pan. It isn't very thick but they make bite size pieces for kids! If you want thicker fudge use a 9x13 pan. Let cool and then cut into pieces. I stuck mine in the freezer to cool because I had the oven on and I knew that it would take a long time to firm up. Once it is cool you can cut it and put it in the fridge or freezer til you want it.

See I told you easy! Definitely something easy to do for last minute gift giving or needing something to take to that holiday party!

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Michelle said...

This is in my fridge right now, thank you for the recipe! From the licking of the bowl it tastes very yummy! :)

lana said...

yummmy! Thanks for sharing.
Merry Christmas!

Kirstin said...

That sounds quick and easy. We are making PB fudge today.

Darla~SassyHomemaker said...

I have been looking for a PB fudge and wow this is an easy one isn't it!! Thanks!

Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

Well, peanut butter and chocolate and always meant to be together, right? Yummy. Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas.