Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Nutty Aversion

Excuse me as I think out loud and ramble a bit!....

What is the point of putting nuts in cookies, chocolate, and even salads??!! Why do people think that it is a wonderful thing to put walnuts, pecans or even macadamia nuts in those sweet delectibles that they make?? Do they bring flavor to a bland piece of goodness? or are they in there so that they can savor the nutty taste while picking out the pieces of nuts from between their teeth?!

I do not think about it during the rest of the year...just at holidays when I am sampling goodies that others have given me! I have to pick and choose what I eat because people fill their goodies with those little bits and pieces of nuts that I just can't handle eating! It is not like I am allergic to them it is just that my taste buds think that I have something very foreign in my mouth and then my reflexes kick into full gear! Nothing like eating something that looks sooo delightful only to have it ruined with my reflexes and the taste of nuts.

I know that in recent weeks I have shared a couple of recipes(fudge and salad) that have nuts in them BUT they have peanuts in them!! For some odd or maybe strange reason, I can handle eating peanuts when they are in goodies over those other nuts and eating plain peanuts. I can handle eating snicker bars and homemade peanut clusters and best of all, peanut butter. Don't put peanuts though on my ice cream sundae because that just doesn't go well with the taste buds either!

I wonder why that would be the case!?! Why can I handle it one way or one type of nut and not the other nuts? Oh the questions that come to my mind in trying to figure out my nutty aversion!

So do you have a nutty aversion or am I in this "boat" by myself? If nuts isn't your aversion, what do you shy away from in eating? I can add a few other foods to my list....mushrooms, brussel sprouts, olives along with shrimp, and scallops!

Okay...back to your regular schedule of posts around here!

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jamie said...

LOL Coconut...hate it. I can smell and taste it even if no one else can.