Friday, November 7, 2008

Thrift Store Finds

I actually did it!! I stayed out of the grocery stores this week! I decided that after my shopping last week I had plenty on my shelves to feed the family so I took a break from the deals at the grocery stores.

I was trying not to spend any money this week! But when my oldest son and only daughter are seen wearing the same things every day or they are asking if I can get some laundry done so they have some clothes to wear it is my signal to head to the thrift stores and see what I can find that looks good and is their size!

This past Sunday while passing my favorite local thrift store, I saw the sign said "All Children's Clothes Buy 1 Get 1 Free". So I got the opportunity on Tuesday after voting to go and see what was on their racks. I found ....

  • 1 pair of girlie pink sweat pants

  • 1 pair of knit pants

  • 4 long sleeve girlie t-shirts

  • 1 solid pink turtleneck

  • 1 layered t-shirt hoodie

  • 1 long sleeve nightie

  • 1 Health-tex cordoroy jumper

  • 2 denim jumpers

  • 1 long sleeve dress

Now for my oldest son I found...
  • 3 pairs of lounge pants for pjs

  • 1 thermal shirt for pjs

  • 1 navy blue turtleneck

  • 1 Land's End long sleeve polo shirt(looks brand new!)

  • 1 long sleeve dress shirt

  • 1 black sweatshirt

  • 4 long sleeve t-shirts

  • 1 pair of gray sweatpants

I don't remember all the brands of the clothes but they were all name brands like Sonoma, Hanes, Falls Creek, Land's End, Gap, etc.

All total with tax, I spent $37.99!!! I had a punch card that was full so I cashed that in for a 20% discount, which was $7.25! Which made my out of pocket total of $30.74!!! There was 26 items total which makes them around $1.18 each!!

Now I just need to find my oldest son a pair of decent snow pants/bibs for the winter months and he will be fully set for winter hopefully(this is my child who is growing like a weed!--the one who needs student size 27x30 pants who was just in a 14 slim pants 4 months ago!).

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Donna@The Frugal Mom Blog said...

What great finds!! I really need to check out some Thirft Stores. Will & Ethan are outgrowing their clothing so fast, maybe it is a boy thing. Megan can wear something for a few years, she is so

Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

Wow, look at all that loot!

I love a good thrift store find!


Our Food Recipes said... have a great informative blog. Great loot and findings ! Just added and "faved" you too. Hope you can add Our Food Recipes. Thank you

Raise Them Up said...

I'm so tickled for you! Thrift Stores are wonderful!