Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Busy Day!

Got up at 7:30 am to start on my day that went like this...

8:15am ~~ called the doctor's office about my daughter who has a sandpaper type rash all over her body for the last three days. She has also been complaining about a sore throat.

8:30am ~~ the nurse calls me back to say that my daughter should be seen to have a throat culture done to rule out strep. Okay, fine no big deal! I tell the nurse that I was on my way to the doctor's office with ds#3 at 10:20am for his yearly physical. She replied can you come by 10am to see a nurse. Sure no problem!

8:45 am ~~ I make sure that the kids are dressed and get through their morning routine before we leave.

9am ~~ I get through the shower and get dressed myself. I get my hair done and clean my glasses. As I am wiping the water off my glasses I notice that my glasses are pivoting funny. I have frameless wire glasses, so when things start to pivot funny it is not a good thing! I need the glasses to see clearly. I can go without but GREAT headaches ensue! So I literally run downstairs to get my hubby's needle nose pliers and work at squeezing things back together. I seem to have fixed them for now! I think they have been "broken" for several days as my youngest son smashed into my face over the weekend and caught the corner of my glasses and smashed them into face! Anyway by this time it is 9:35am and no one is in the van!!!

I was suppose to leave no later than 9:30 am so that I can swing by my parents' house to drop off those that were not being seen today at the doctor's. It helps not to have extra bodies in the exam room!!

9:40am ~~ I am finally leaving the house! There is no way that I can make it to the doctor's office and to my parents' house by 10am!! UGH!

9:50am ~~ call my parents as I am going by their exit and tell them I am not coming til after appointments.

9:55 am ~~ have gotten to the doctor's office for my 10am appt! We only wait about 3 minutes before we are called back. The nurse gets the history on my daughter and then swabs her throat says it will take 7 minutes to know results. We wait! She comes is negative! Yeah! Well she wants to swab her again just to make sure because the rash is very similiar to what you get when you have strep/scarlet fever! Second test comes back negative! Toss it up to a viral infection. We start to head out to the waiting room for my son's appointment only to be told that we need to head back the way we were to another room. Fine! We get done with the doctor's by 11am.

11:20am ~~ We make it to my parents' house for a visit. We stay til noon!

12:20 pm ~~ We are home but my youngest son is having a temper tantrum because he can't go outside to play in the rain. He is upset enough that he is coughing and next thing I know I am hearing the other kids hollering that he just vomited all over! UGH!

I get that cleaned up and get him a small lunch along with getting lunch for the rest of us. Youngest son eats and then goes down for a nap! Ahhhhh...quiet!

1:30pm til 3pm ~~ I run out to the stores to do some shopping. Oldest ds holds the fort for me during "quiet time".

3pm ~~ unload groceries and put them away. Get dinner going!

And the day is not over....I still have several things left that need my attention! And despite fixing my glasses I don't have them exactly like they were and I have a nice little headache brewing.

So I say all of this to say...what a day! I now know what I am getting for an early Christmas glasses!

Too busy to do Weblink Wednesday and Works for Me Wednesday....I'll be back with those next week!


Raise Them Up said...

Wow! That was a busy day. Glad all went well at the doctors.

Why do they have to get the glasses? lol! My son threw a rock randomly and hit my glasses squarely 5 years ago. I lived with that scratch in my right lense until just this summer! But I thought of him often!!

Kate said...

Wow, that is a busy day! Trips to the doctor's office are bad enough in my book, but add all those other things in and...ugh!

I am glad your tested negative for strep and scarlet fever. I had strep all the time as a child, and scarlet fever once. It was miserable!

Marcy said...

Gotta love those hectic days! Glad to hear that your DD doesn't have strep! Hope that you have a great rest of the week/weekend!