Saturday, November 15, 2008

7 Things about my Kitchen Tag

In the last couple of week, I have read several blogs that were doing this tag--"7 Things I love about my Kitchen". Well last week, Raise Them Up tagged me! I was sooo busy with having 3 different days of doctors appointments with my kids along with the everyday things that I didn't get a chance to play along! But I wanted to play along so without further are 7 things I love about my kitchen!

First off, welcome to my small kitchen! It is only 9' 3" x 7'x 8"(that is just the floor space!) That doesn't leave much room for more than a couple people to work in there without us all starting to step on and over each other! So it is cozy! However, it is where I spend lots of time and it literally is the "hub center" for everything in my family.

I use the front of my fridge for keeping up with menus. This helps others from wondering and even helps others to help get things prepared! :) I also like the little reminder that my pastor gave us--"Our house belongs to God".

I like my little bar area so I don't have to knock my head on cabinets while preparing food. I also like my dishwasher! It is sooo nice and time saving with the dishes to be able to have a dishwasher do most of the work for me! Actually, my oldest son is in charge of washing dishes now!

I love having my cookbooks handy! This used to be a cabinet with doors on it, however, hubby took the doors off when we repainted and I liked it better as a shelf than a cabinet anyway! I have a rule, once the shelf is full no more cookbooks, this helps me to not have too many and less clutter!

I love my Pampered Chef stoneware. The picture above is just some of the pieces in my collection! I love using them because it makes meal clean up a breeze!

This is the window over my kitchen sink! I love having it where I can work in my kitchen and still have a full view of my fenced in backyard! There is a 8'x 8' sandbox in the back corner where my 5 kids plus 6-7 neighbor kids will gather in the summertime to play in the sand! I can watch their play from afar.

I love having a ceiling fan in the kitchen. It helps circulate the air especially when I am doing lots of baking!

I have other things that I love about my small kitchen but that can be in another post!

I am not sure who else to tag because it seemed like every blog I have read in the last couple of weeks had their 7 kitchen likes post! So if you are reading this and haven't done a post on "7 Things I like about my kitchen" consider yourself "it"! You have been tagged!

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Raise Them Up said...

I love the idea of posting your menu on the fridge! You are so organized! I'm just lucky to have a dinner plan before the boys get home from school each night, lol!

Thanks for sharing! :)