Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Glimpse of a day in Sonshine's life...

In an effort to keep things real and show that I do more than sit in front of the computer daily. Here is a glimpse into my day! Just the basics and doesn't include diaper changes, wiping runny noses, or being "referee".

~~showered and dressed by 8:30am (that is an accomplishment in and of itself since usually it doesn't happen til lunchtime!)

~~breakfast for all (cereal & bagels)

~~checked email and made sure direct deposit was in

~~checked to make sure all library books had been gathered.

~~went to the library for an hour

~~lunch for all (chicken nuggets & tater tots)

~~went to the DMV to renew my driver's license and had to wait 45 minutes before waited on. ALL total was in there for 50 minutes!

~~went to the grocery store and spent approx. $80 for the week's worth of groceries. I still need to make it to another grocery store for about another $20 then my grocery shopping will be done for the week. :)

~~took care of the groceries.

~~made up burger patties for the freezer.

~~cooked 1# of bacon for breakfast sandwiches.

~~cooked/browned 2# hamburger for the freezer.

~~made a batch of brownies

~~made dinner for all (homemade pizza & breadsticks)

~~made breakfast sandwiches (4 sausage,egg & cheese and 6 bacon, egg, & cheese)

~~made a batch of M&M cookies(I cheated and used one of my bargain cookie mixes so I just had to add softened butter and 1 egg to mix them up!)

~~did 3 loads of laundry(wash & dried) they are now waiting to be folded!!

~~kids did school today too. (I didn't work with my kdger. though!)


Kate said...

Wow, what a busy day. I am impressed! How do you manage to be out of the house for so long and still get so much accomplished? Usually going out totally throws my schedule off and I have to use the next day to get caught-up.

Ronda said...

Ok, now I am tired just from reading all that you did. You sure have been busy, :)
Love & Prayers,

Donna said...

What a day!
It looks alot like some of mine-- as you can imagine! Do you find it hard to fit 'cleaning the house' in? lol I often do...I keep things picked up but the big cleaning projects get pushed back longer than I like. Seems like most days school work, cooking and cleaning the kitchen back up (3 times or more- for snacks) and my shower is about as good as it gets! ;-)And you've still got a little one!!!