Monday, October 13, 2008

Kitchen Tip Tuesday

Now I know why I can't plan monthly menus!

Now I know why even my weekly menus are just plans!

Now I know why I have to keep a variety of meats in my freezer!

Now I know why it is not good to get in a "meal rut"!

Now I know why I do simple meals!

Now I know why having picky eaters can be difficult at times!

Now I know why having a pantry stockpile(the pic to the right!) is important!

Now I know why stockpiling when items are on sale at good prices is important!

Now I know why I try to keep an organized kitchen!

Now I know why I can plan and plan and really think that I have everything figured out only to find out I don't!

You probably are wondering by now where in the world the kitchen tip is in all those "now I know" statements. Well the kitchen tip is that no matter how much you plan ahead or stockpile or stay organized, life will happen and those items will and do change so instead of stressing over it just realize that you can figure or plan something better than what you did in the first place.

I say all of this to say that life is happening at my house! I planned what I thought was a great menu this week only to have my hubby say to me that despite the fact that he likes chicken, he is sick of eating chicken! Oh he knows that 90% of the meat in the freezer is chicken and I do NOT have any beef in the house right now! He doesn't want chicken all week! Oh and on a different note, he also told me that I am going to have a no cooking night this week! Soooooo needless to say, life is happening and I have to re-work the plans which excites me! I might be able to get away from the rut and try something new without too much resistance!

For other kitchen tips, head over to Tammy's Recipes, where she tells an easy way to dice carrots!


amysfinerthings said...

Is that your pantry?!? WOW... and I thought I had a stockpile.

Always good to have Plan B (and C) ready to go!

Kirstin said...

If that's your pantry mine is bare bones...actually mine is bare bones (C:

We pretty much do chicken, salmon and ground turkey as our meats. But that is more hubby than me. I would probably throw in some beef here and there and sometimes I do, but very rarely. There is not a food that bothers my digestive system, but beef bothers hubby's so it's a rare occasion.

Donna said...

Your pantry always excites me...and my kids when I show them :-) lol.

I know exactly how plans change--- I have one month of food and DH said he's tired of anything with tomatoes!lol But he is always negotiable, and if I space them out, he'll be fine ;-)

Sherry said...

Wow, you have a great looking pantry! :D We always have a day or so that gets thrown off during the week for some reason. It is fun to mix it up sometimes! :D

Kate said...

It was so fun the read through your list of "Now I know..." I'm sorry you'll have to change your plans for the week, but you're right. Life happens. I think your attitude is awesome.

I hope you REALLY enjoy your night of no cooking too!