Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Weblink Wednesday

Today is the day in 1932 that Amelia Earhart flew solo across the Atlantic. This Friday is the day in 1906 when the Wright Brothers patented the aircraft.

In honor of those two events this week, I am going to share some of "flight links" The first one is AV Kids.

According to their site, "AvKids is a program designed to educate elementary school students about the benefits of business aviation to the community and the career opportunities available to them in the business aviation industry. AvKids can help transform a child’s flights of fancy into a fun educational experience that may lead to a rewarding career path. In the course of their journey, this program hopes to reinforce the values and zest for learning that will serve future aviation professionals well throughout their lives."

They have FREE to teachers for the downloading a book "The Flying Office".

They also have an activity guide with a teacher's resource that I was able to get about a year ago. However, their site says they are unable at this time to process any more requests. They also have online games and activities to do. In their "Aviation Community" they have plenty of links that relate to aviation.

The second link is Gander Academy's Science of Flight.

There is tons of links regarding the principles of flight, how birds fly, invention of the airplane, parts of an airplane, controlling an airplane, atmosphere, activities, book reviews, and teacher resources. Basically an "one stop shop" for a unit study on flight!

For more weblinks, head over to Homeschooling with Encouragement!

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Kerri said...

Those are both really good ones. Have you ever done an aviation unit study? We have not, but this coming year I plan on letting the kids pick our science topics, so you never know! I am going to bookmark those, just in case.