Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Kitchen Tip Tuesday--Clothespins

So what is sooo special about these little things called clothespins??? They serve multiple uses in my house! Not only do I use them for their intended use--hanging clothes or diaper covers to dry, I also use them for....

  • holding rubberbands! I clip a clothespin to the side of my bill slot on my desk or on the "receipt clip" on the side of the fridge and then hook rubberbands over the pin.

  • holding receipts! I superglued a magnet onto one side of the clothespin and then stuck the clothespin on the side of my fridge. This way I have a place when I or hubby come in from shopping, we can clip the receipt there and the receipt doesn't get lost and forgotten before it is registered on the computer checkbook(better known as Quicken!).

  • holding chip or cracker bags closed so that they don't go stale!

You can usually find a bag of these at your local dollar store! So not only are there many ways to use them, they are cheap!

I am sure that there are more ways that I could use these little inventions! I would love to hear how do you use these little inventions??

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Amanda said...

I really like this tip! Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Fun Craft!!! It's my hubby's birthday today so we are off to dinner soon... but I wanted to let you know that I'm posting Weblink Wednesday early tonight for anyone who is interested in participating. I'm featuring a fellow blogging friend as my link choice this week! How fun!


BarbaraLee said...

I do the same thing w/the bags. It's cheaper.