Friday, May 30, 2008

Under $1/plate Meal

This week for Frugal Friday, Crystal is talking about keeping it simple to save time, energy, and money. One of the things she does is do simple meals! I can relate to this!!! I do simple meals alot for my family. I think doing simple meals not only saves time in the kitchen but makes it easier to take leftovers to make into new meals.

This past week for dinner, I ended up having 3 extra kids at my house for dinner! On my weekly menu plan, I saw that I was going to be doing one of my eight ways to fix chicken--Creamy Chicken! I was hesitant to fix the meal thinking it would not be something that was very frugal or ending up not allowing me any extras/leftovers for another meal. I went ahead and fixed it because nothing else that I had was going to work very well either.

While I was fixing it, I began to wonder if I was really fixing something frugal or if I was making an extravagant meal that in the end would be a budget buster for me. To my amazement, it was a very frugal meat & starch meal!!

Here is the recipe/meal that I made....

Creamy Chicken
4lbs boneless/skinless chicken, diced and cooked ($8)
3 cans cream of chicken soup($1.47)
poultry seasoning
garlic powder
onion powder
Mix altogether, season to taste.
(I get my spices in bulk so just for cost value for this recipe, I am going to say that ALL the spices costs me just 10 cents and that is probably a little generous!)

Served over cooked wide egg noodles--used a pound (99 cents)

Served with 2 cans of green peas($1.30)

I had 10 people eating, 2 of which had a second small serving, plus I got 2 single servings for hubby's lunch. Grand total of servings was 13(because the two small servings would have been equivalent to one regular serving). Grand total price for the whole meal...$11.86!!!! Which means each plate cost me 91 cents!

So there you have a simple, filling, and frugal meal!!!

For other frugal tips and ideas, head over to Crystal's blog--Biblical Womanhood


Marcy said...

Tag! You are it! (but only if you want to participate)


BarbaraLee said...

You don't make your own cream soups. The horror. It does sound yummy. Sounds like something I make w/mixed vegs & biscuts.