Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Kitchen Tip Tuesdays

Time again for Kitchen Tips over at Tammy's Recipes. I was having a little trouble thinking of something to write about today! So was looking at other's who already posted their tips to see if someone would spur any thoughts. Guess what??? Someone did spur my thoughts this week...thanks to Debbie J!!!! She decluttered one of her cabinets today. I left her comment about heading over to the local dollar store for plastic baskets. So instead of keeping the "secret" between the two of us, I am going to share what is so fantastic about having plastic baskets in your cabinet or pantry!

Like Debbie, I don't like opening my cabinet door and have something fall out at me! I also got tired of having several(make that MANY) open boxes of snacks sitting in my cupboard, or bags of homemade goodies sitting on top of my toaster. And then to top it off, having the munchkins asking me "What's for snack?" Or them asking for something and then trying to find it in the cabinet.

So I decided it was time to get a little inventive and clean out the cabinet!(sorry I don't have any before pictures!) I got myself a basket and emptied all the different boxes into it. AHHHH!!! There is space in my cupboard! It doesn't look too cramped now AND the best part my munchkins know what is available for snacks. I don't get that nagging question, "What can we have for snack?" They know where the snack baskets(I also use a crisper drawer in the fridge) are and what is in them is what is available for a snack.

I use other baskets for other things besides snacks in my cabinet. I have a wicker one is for all the open bags of rolls, muffins, and bread. Better known in my house as the "bread basket".

The smaller green one that you see in the picture is for those small individual size containers of bbq sauce, salt, or sweet n low that you get when the drive thru gives you too many or for those 1/2 bags of marshmallows or dry beans!(basically that green basket has become a little catch-all for open packages that are not snacks. That is where I "throw" those 1/2 bags of things rather than all over in the cabinet.

There is also a black index card container without its lid(cause it broke off) that I use for my koolaid packets.

That reminds me, I need to get a bigger 5x7 index card container for putting all those bigger packets of taco seasoning, sloppy joe, onion soup mix or gravy mixes. Right now those packets are in slid in the side of the green basket.

For more kitchen tips, head over to Tammy's!


happyhousewife said...

Your cabinet looks great. I organized mine at the beginning of the month and it is so great to be able to find everything!
Thanks for stopping by my blog with your lemon juice tip, I hadn't thought of freezing them already mashed. Great idea!

Debbie J. said...

Your cabinet looks really good! In fact you have some of the same things in yours I have! I bet yours didn't look as bad as mine "before"! Thank you for the link. Debbie J.

Our Love Story said...

Great blog! Thanks for visiting me - I will come by more often!