Friday, February 22, 2008

Frugal Friday

Since I didn't have a frugal tip of my own, I decided to answer Crystal's question for this week's Frugal Friday over at Biblical Womanhood, she asks us about what are the simple things, like her example of shaving gel, that we have eliminated from our budget? Initially, I didn't have an answer! But I put some thought into the question, and realized that I have been eliminating or reducing my use of a few things and replacing them with cheaper things. Here is a few of the things that I have been doing in recent months...

Fabric softener is one of things that I have reduced my use of---I use vinegar instead esp. with my bath towels and rags. Vinegar helps reduce the soap suds and softens the towels. It also helps with the fowl odor that happens when you forget about a load til the next day and have to re-wash it. I still buy fabric softener and use it occasionally cause I still love the smell of fresh washed clothes but a big jug(195 loads) from Sam's is lasting me about 6 months! Vinegar is ALOT cheaper than fabric softener! Did you know that vinegar has many uses?

Snacks and dinner rolls are things that I have been eliminating from my budget. I am finding that baking them from scratch is cheaper and even healthier for my family of 7. Just the other day I made soft giant pretzels and french bread! If someone would have told me that I would making things like this a year ago, I probably would have laughed in their face! I also make up cookies and quick breads on a regular basis.

Like Crystal, I have eliminated using shaving gel, instead I have been using hair conditioner that I didn't like using in my hair! I have had this bottle sitting around after trying it couple times in my hair only to find that my hair seemed more oily using it. So I stopped using it in my hair and instead of dumping it and wasting it I use it while shaving my legs. Normally, I just use body wash or water.

These last six months of reading other blogs and websites on frugalness, I am slowly finding ways to eliminate or reduce the use of things that I have been using for years! I don't want to eliminate too much at once for fear of a family revolt! Slow and easy is the name of the game!

Stay tuned for other posts that I do in regards to eliminating or reducing the usage of items.

For other frugal ideas head over to Frugal Friday at Crystal's blog, Biblical Womanhood!


Mrs. Nichole Jordan said...

Great post!!!
Theres lots we can make ourselves or use cheaper ways of doing it if we just put our minds to it!!!

Jen said...

Thanks for the tip. I too, have yucky conditioner just sitting around. Now I don't have to toss it!

Donna(mom24boyz) said...

Hi, I saw your comment on my blog and thought I would pop over--I love that you homeschool! I went and read thru most of your homeschool posts, you put a lot of great site links up!

You should join me for Teaching Tips Tuesdays--come check them out on my blog--you look like a person who could share a lot of tips and sites!

It is really late right now or I would be visiting even more of your links

I am homeschooling a 6th grader and soon a 3 grader and a preschooler
My boys are 12, 9, 5 and 9 months--no little girl though :(

Nice meeting you, I will be back!