Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Kitchen Tip Tuesdays

Do you know what is in your fridge?? Tired of wasting good food?

Tired of having science projects in your fridge from leftovers that have been forgotten???

I got tired of wasting food or finding that something had gotten forgotten about and started a science project.

So I have developed a fridge "nerve center".

I have a monthly calendar that I printed off of Microsoft Word and put it up on my fridge so that I can write what we had for dinner. That way when I go to make hubby's lunch the next day or fix lunch for the kids and me, I know what to use up first.

Also having that monthly calendar up there helps me to plan leftover makeovers dinner meals as well.

The other things at my "nerve center" is my master grocery list and my weekly menus sheet.

My kitchen tip for today....Do something to help make sure that *you* know what is in your fridge so you are not wasting food or have many science projects growing!

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Teachin' this mommy new tricks! said...

I was actually planning on sitting down and cleaning out my frig...cause I can't seam to find any tupperware, so I figure that means I have waaaaay too many left overs in my frig :)

Jasmine31 said...

Thanx for reminding me I ended to make a master grocery list up.