Saturday, February 4, 2012

Super Savings at Meijer---$93.99

Before I left to do my shopping, I had decided that I wanted to get TWO of the OM promotion deal. I kept debating if I wanted to do my shopping once through and then go back through and get my 2nd round of the OM promotion or if I wanted to try my hand at doing two transactions in a row with the same cashier. I am usually a one transaction lady because the cashier's at my store seem to get impatient with the customers my philosophy is the quicker through the line the better. Well I went for it and did two transactions with the same cashier. I went through a line with a cashier that I wasn't familiar with and needless to say I will NOT be going back through that grouch's lane again! She did not want to talk at all to me and when she did it was very harsh. UGH! I did a small transaction first and then the bigger one as the second transaction. The first one didn't have any Mperks associated with it so I didn't punch in my numbers for that one. However, the second transaction had quite a few Mperks associated with it, so I waited until she had finished doing my paper MQs before I went to punch in my Mperks numbers. Well she had already hit the payment key when I went to punch the Mperks numbers in so the Mperks button was missing on the card reader, so I commented oh I have Mperks too and she snapped at me saying you are to do that while I am scanning your order cause once I hit the payment key I am not to go back so you can do the Mperks. I said "oh I didn't realize that, I learned something new today". She did go back and allow me to punch in my Mperks but with disdain for such. Anyway on to the transactions....

First transaction: 

12 Mars brand candy bars $9.48 - $5.16(MMB & free items)= $4.32 (36¢ each)
4 OM Lunchables $7.96 -$4.00(promo)-$2.00(MQs)= $1.96 (49¢ each)
4 pks OM Deli Fresh $9.96 - $4.00(promo) -$2.00 (MQs) = $3.96 (99¢ each)

OOP: $10.24
Savings Total: $25.96
Savings %: 71.71%!!!!
**side note: there was 24 items in this transaction, so my avg cost per item after savings was 43¢!!! Not bad!

Second transaction: 

19.08 lbs boneless/skinless chicken breasts $33.78
3 pks Ortega seasonings and 1 jar taco sauce $3.92 -$1.00MMB - $1.00 (2-50¢ MQs) = $1.92 (48¢ each)
2 pouches Starkist tuna $2.98 -$1.00MMB - $1.00(2-50¢ MQS) = 98¢ (49¢ each)
4 conts. Daisy sour cream $7.16
4 pkgs OM Lunchables $7.96 - $4.00 promo - $2.00(MQs) = $1.96
4 pkgs OM Deli Fresh $9.96 - $4.00 promo -$2.00(MQs) = $3.96
2 pkgs Chi-Chi's tortillas $4.00 -$1.00MMB = $3.00
2 bags Tostitos $5.00 - 50¢MMB -50¢Mperks = $4.00
4 jars Planters Peanuts $10.00 - 50¢Mperks - $3.00(2-$1.50 MQs) = $6.50 ($1.63 each)
4 boxes Lipton Soup Mix $4.00 - 60¢Mperks - $1.00MMB = $2.40 (60¢ each)
5 Totinos Pizzas $6.25 -$1.00Mperks - $1.00(MQ) = $4.25 (85¢ each)
2 pkgs Hillshire Lil Smokies $5.00 - 55¢ IP - 50¢MMB = $3.95
2 bags Tyson Anytizers $11.98 -$2.00(MQs) = $9.98
2 jars Miracle Whip $6.00 - B1G1(MQ) = $3.00
20 cups Yoplait Yogurt $12.00 - 40¢Mperks = $11.60 (kicking myself b/c I forgot to pull my MQs for the yogurt!)
2 bags M&M valentine candy $5.00- $1.00(MQ) = $4.00

OOP: $102.04
Savings: $68.03 
Savings %: 40%!!!
**side note there was 73 items in this transaction so my avg cost per item after savings was $1.40!! not bad! 

The yogurt had a Catalina for $2.00 OYNO so I guess that makes up for things just a tad.  

For no doubles at my store and forgetting about $2.00 in MQs for the yogurt this turned out be to a good shopping trip even if I did have my 2 little ones with me asking every few minutes...."are we done yet!"

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