Wednesday, January 5, 2011

WFMW: What Doesn't Work for Me---Plastic containers in the freezer!!

I do a lot of batch cooking or once a month cooking and so that makes for needing lots of plastic containers being placed in my freezer on a regular basis. Well that was until recently when I found that they do not as good of a job as a ziploc bag!

I want to be environmentally friendly when it comes to putting the food in the freezer so I was working my way towards using all plastic containers and ridding my house of ziploc bags.  I have a variety of plastic containers from Tupperware to Rubbermaid to Ziploc brand containers.  I don't have much in the way of plastic containers but enough to use some in the fridge for those dinner leftovers to use for lunches the next few days and then the rest to use for my freezer cooking. The Rubbermaid plastic containers are a bit heavier of a plastic than the freezer containers so I thought it would help a bit with freezer burn and just overall easier to stack the same type of containers together in the freezer. However, when they get bumped and slide out of the freezer when I am getting something else out of the freezer and drop to the floor and crack it does not matter which type of plastic container I use in the freezer.

Since switching to containers from bags, I have dropped many plastic containers both the freezer type containers and the Rubbermaid/Tupperware containers!  Needless to say, I have had to pick up food that has scattered all over the floor more than once from the container dropping to the floor and cracking in the process!  Or I have found that a container was dropped and it wasn't realized that it had cracked a little bit and it put back in the freezer for me to find at a later date. I never had a problem with ziploc bags being dropped and splitting open with food going all over the place. Just so that I have covered all the bases, the contents in any of the plastic containers that I have put in the freezer have been totally cooled in the fridge before placing in the freezer.

I have come to the conclusion that plastic containers in the freezer just do not work for me! I need to switch back to all Ziploc bags for the freezer so that I do not end up breaking all of my plastic containers in the freezer and I can fit more ziploc bags into the freezer anyway!  Besides I need my plastic containers for leftovers in my fridge and for lunches. :)

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Melissa said...

I've dropped and cracked a few plastic freezer containers! The problem I have with bags is this: I'll fill a bag with sauce, for example, and put it in the freezer. Before it freezes, it molds to the grid of the freezer basket ... and then I can't take it out! LOL

But yes, I know what you mean. :)