Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Baking Plan for February Revisited!

At the end of January, I made up a baking plan for February not realizing that I would need to be making up meals for my parents.  I am having to rethink my baking plan to include some actual freezer meals for my parents.  My Mom has gotten to a point where she doesn't want to cook, she would rather have a small bowl of cold cereal and not actually cook something warm for her and my Dad.

I went grocery shopping for them yesterday and got several already made freezer meals to get them started but I don't want that to be their sole source of meals.  I also got them some fresh meat yesterday but I know that my Mom will not cook it but just leave it sit in their freezer to get freezer burned or forgotten about in the fridge.  I brought the meat home along with the fresh/raw meat that was in their freezer that I had just done up in meal portions.

I am still planning on making the majority of the baked goods I listed in my initial baking plan just not going to get them all done in one day!  I also am adding the following items this month to my plan:

For my parents:

  • Eight Pork chops made into single serve portions of BBQ pork.
  • Four bone in chicken breasts needs to be roasted and de-boned for use in soups or Chicken Helper meals.
  • Three boneless/skinless chicken breasts cooked and sliced for sandwiches or chicken tacos. 
  • One roll of pork sausage browned and made into single serve portions of sausage gravy.

For my family using the bulk meat from my February Sam's run:
  • 4.29 lbs thick sliced pork chops--need to be made into thin cut chops and divided into 2 meals(1 for freezer and 1 for dinner tonight).
  • 5.92 lbs ground beef--need to brown about 3 lbs for the freezer and the rest of the meat made into ready made burger patties

If there is time and energy left after doing all of the above: 

I'll be back later with an update with my accomplishments....


SnoWhite said...

You are so sweet to make some freezer meals for your parents!

Hope you have a productive day :)

Cafe said...

That is great that you would do that for your parents. God will bless You tremendously...nevermind the fact that you are sowing such good seeds.

Praise God for such a giving woman!!!
Take Care