Friday, January 22, 2010

Weekly Shopping Trip--Savings $27.67

Time to be real... I know I have a goal for this year  that I am going to work at only going to the store twice in a month and I am going to lose the "weekly" trips! Well, I didn't stay out of the store this week like I had truly hope to do.  As I was working at thinking through menus for next week, I was finding that I was short on several items to make it through until payday(January 31st).  Looking at my receipts I think there is really one thing that I didn't need to get but couldn't resist because of a good deal.  That one thing would be Sara Lee cheesecake bites, I grab a couple of containers for hubby and I to have some for our date nights. They make for a cheap dessert for two rather than picking up something at the restaurant.

On the bright side of this though, I was tallying my monthly spending for my grocery budget, which includes food and non-food essentials(like paper products, cleaners, HBC) and found that I am only 19¢ over my monthly budget of $600.  I need to get milk this week but I have WIC for my youngest to use for the milk.   So I don't think I did too bad for the first month of the year sticking to my budget!  Now if I can just work at reducing my grocery shopping trips I will be set.

Here is a breakdown of the items I purchased this week:

Family Fare: 

  • 2 containers Sara Lee cheesecake bites $4.98
  • 3 cans Old Orchard frozen juice concentrate $4.00
  • 1 pkg flour tortillas $1.00
  • .61 lbs Round Sirloin Tip Breakfast steak $2.13(manager's markdown)
  • 1 pkg. english muffins $1.00
  • 2 pkgs Eckrich smoky links $4.00
  • 3 bottles(64oz) apple juice $5.00
Total OOP: $22.11
Total Savings: $9.30
Total without sales & coupons: $31.41

Save A Lot: 
  • 2 cans beef broth $1.26
  • 7 cans cream of chicken soup $4.13
  • 2 cans light kidney beans $1.18
  • 1 box onion soup mix 69¢
  • 10 lbs potatoes $1.79
Total OOP: $9.05

  • 3 gallons milk $6.87
  • 1/2 gallon buttermilk $2.39
  • 2 pkgs jello $1.00
  • 8 pkgs pudding mix $4.00
  • 2 bottles(64 oz) Meijer genuine juice $4.00
Total OOP (after using a total of $8.00 Catalina coupons off next shopping order): $10.26
Total Savings: $14.30
Total without sales & coupons: $24.56

Wooopss! I thought I was under $50 for the week and then realized I forgot to add in the meat I purchased!

  • 4.07 lbs cube steak $12.17
Total OOP: $12.17
Total Savings: $4.07
Total without sales: 16.24

Grand Total OOP: $53.59
Grand Total Savings: $27.67 plus the savings from shopping at Save A Lot!
Grand Total without sales & coupons: $81.26

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