Saturday, January 30, 2010

Weekly Shopping Trip--Savings $18.46

Payday was yesterday, however, the area sales this week were not that great. So I decided to stick to the minimums and get what was needed.  Amazingly, I ended up not using any coupons this week and still saved money! I am still dealing with decent stockpile so I used up what I had on hand.  Hopefully next week there will be some decent sales because I getting low on meats and with a family who likes their meat and starches I can't use up all the meat without getting some more in the inventory.

I had a gift card to use at Meijer due to taking back an extra pack of work gloves that was not needed for at the service project that my hubby did over the Christmas holiday.  So I used that $5.08 card to help pay for the groceries I purchased this week.

Here is what I purchased this week to get me through the week:(the picture below is the Meijer run missing the milk!)


  • 4 dozen eggs $5.66
  • 3.03 lbs ground beef $6.03
  • 2 bags breaded chicken tenders $7.98
  • 3 gallons milk $6.00
  • 4 Meijer brand pizzas $10.00
  • 2 lbs shredded hashbrowns $2.00
Total OOP after using a $5.08 gift card: $32.59
Total Savings (including the gift card): $14.88
Total without sales, and gift card: $47.47

Family Fare: 
  • 2 lbs bacon $5.00
  • 24 double rolls Northern TP: $12.70 (with sales tax)
Total OOP with sales tax: $17.70
Total Savings: $3.58
Total without sales:  $21.28

Grand Total OOP: $50.29
Grand Total Savings: $18.46
Grand Total without sales & gift card: $60.75

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