Friday, August 21, 2009

Weekly Shopping Trip--Savings $38.04

After doing a big shopping trip last week and going to Sam's earlier in the week, I did not need a whole lot from the store this week because my pantry and freezer are pretty full. That means that for this next week our meals will be from "shopping at home". I love having the stockpile from buying ahead so that I can just make a quick trip to the store for needed items or not have to go shopping at all.

I made just a quick trip to the stores this week. Colds and coughs have come upon my household so I had to get more throat spray for hubby to use and didn't have coupons or sales to work from so it was full price! Some of my the health products I haven't been very good at keeping a stock of in my house because when I did have a stock of them--they went bad/expired before we used them up.

Here is what I purchased this week:

Family Fare:
  • 6 dozen eggs $5.28
  • 4 gallons milk $7.52
  • 5.41 lbs bananas $2.11
  • 2 lbs baby carrots $1.98
  • .69 lbs beef stir fry strips $3.44
  • 1 lb strawberries $2.00
  • 2.99 lbs beef cube steak $7.74
Total OOP: $30.07
Total Savings: $14.56
Total without sales: $44.63

  • 3 pks Kotex maxi pads $6.79(with sales tax)
  • 1 bottle Chloraseptic spray $6.24(with sales tax)
  • 4-12pks Pepsi products $15.88(with bottle deposit)
  • 5 bags frozen corn $5.00
~~used $2.50 off shopping order Catalina coupon
~~used $3.00 off shopping order Catalina coupon
~~used $4.70 bottle refund slip

Total OOP: $23.84
Total Savings including bottle refund: $23.48
Total without sales & coupons: $47.32

Grand Total OOP: $53.91
Grand Total Savings: $38.04
Grand Total without sales & coupons: $91.95

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1 comment:

Michele said...

Wow! What great deals. I have a family of 4 (myself, 17 yr girl and 12 yr boy/girl twins) We barely go thru 1 gal of milk or 1 doz eggs a week.

I am just being nosey .....what do you do with 6 doz eggs and 4 gal of milk? Is this a normal week's worth? How do you keep it for any length? Again I am just being nosey I am sorry.