Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Two Delicious Summertime Treats

Been working in the kitchen today, stirring up some delight summertime treats!!

First up is fruit salad! I love this time of year when there is many fruits that are in season fresh to choose from to make a tasty colorful fruit salad!

This one is made up of 1 lb strawberries, 1/2 cantaloupe, and 1 can pineapple tidbits in its own juice.

I just cut up the strawberries and cantaloupe and then drained the juice off the pineapple in a bowl to reserve it and dumped the pineapple in with the strawberries and cantaloupe. Then I took pineapple juice and poured some in on the fruit rather than using sugar to keep the fruit fresh!

Secondly, I made up a layered pudding pie! OH this is sooo easy especially if you just grab an already made graham cracker crust from Aldis for 99 cents!
First I mixed up a box of instant Oreo pudding with a can of evaporated milk. Using evaporated milk makes it rich and creamy and not thin and watery! Then I spread about 3/4 of pudding in the bottom of the crust.

Then I mixed up a box of chocolate fudge pudding with a can of evaporated milk and poured about 3/4 of it on to the Oreo pudding in the crust! Oooopss forgot to take the picture before I started the next step!

Then I took an 8oz container of Cool Whip topping and spread that on top of the pudding layers! Then I had an open bag of mini chocolate chips hanging around in the fridge so I sprinkled some on top of the Cool Whip!! Ahhhh a yummy chocolatey no bake summertime treat!! Easy to whip up if you are in a hurry to a cook out or just looking to have some thing for that sweet tooth!

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Brenda said...

What a great and easy idea, that pie

Hoosier Homemade said...

Oh yum! I didn't know Aldi's has graham cracker crust. I will be looking for it. Don't you just LOVE Aldi's?
Thanks for sharing!

Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

Thanks for the recipe and linking up to TMTT.

Sherry said...

Oooh, I love that the fruit salad is without sugar. :D I'm going to have to try that. :D

Jerri - Simply Sweet Home said...

Great post. I love using puddings to make pies. I've never mixed with pudding mix with evaporated milk though. I'll have to try that!

Nicole Feliciano said...

Fruit Salad! What a yummy treat this time of year. I hope you’ll share over at Momtrends for Friday Feasts. Here is the link: