Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Repurposing Items

I love being able to use something for other than its intended purpose and it work! Our house has 3 bedrooms and in each bedroom there is a small closet(the master bedroom has the smallest one!!!--no walk in closets here!). In an effort to use the closet space effectively, I have repurposed a few things rather than getting rid of the items.

Instead of doing some built in shelves at the kids level, we bought a 2 shelf bookcase to stick in their closets for them to keep their books on rather than on the floor or where little hands could get to them. I did some decluttering recently of these bookshelves and found that the shelves were bare. So I decided that instead of keeping them bare I would put the kids' sweatshirts and sweaters on a shelf so that they could reach them and wear them. While they are still able to keep books on another shelf. The top shelf is where they keep their Bibles and their baseball gloves. Using the bookshelves has really helped to organize the closet!

The other repurposed item in my kids' closets are file crates or milk crates. These crates fit just perfectly in the little corner of their closets and has become their dirty clothes hamper. Using these has helped the issues of having clothes all over the floor either in their closet or in their room. It also has helped the ones that have the responsibility of collecting the dirty laundry know what is dirty and what is clean clothes!

Repurposing the bookshelves and the file crates have made my life easier and works for me!

What is something that you have repurposed to make life easier for you and your family?

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**originally posted in February, 2009


Lori said...

I loved this post the first time and it excited me now too! I actually used the crate idea - each of my kiddos had one left over from school last year and so now they are their hamper / laundry baskets. As they are done with dirty clothes they go in the crate. On Mondays and Fridays they (they is a key word here!) transport the crate to the laundry room. Then the crate is filled with clean clothes and they take is back to their rooms and empty, only to start the whole process over, five minutes later!
Thanks so much for the idea!!!

'Becca said...

Click on my name for an article about things we've repurposed. My son's clothing storage (and changing table when he was a baby) is an old dining room sideboard that served this function for me when I was little, too! It's huge, but it's very sturdy and has good space underneath for file crates (we use them for books and toys).

For years, I used as bookcases and file cabinets the cardboard boxes in which 30 pounds of frozen french fries arrived at the restaurant where I worked. They were nice thick cardboard with a divider in the center. I cut off the flaps and covered the outside with wrapping paper glued on.

Mrs. White said...

I love this idea! It is such fun to come up with new ways of "keeping home."
Mrs. White