Friday, May 8, 2009

Weekly Glimpse of Pantry Challenge

Sara over at Learning The Frugal Life is having an "Eat from the Pantry Challenge" during the month of May and I am joining in even though I did something similar last month.  I am thinking that doing these challenges is helping me to use those items that have been sitting in my pantry & freezer over the last few months.  It also is helping me to keep my grocery budget low and in check as well. 

So here is the results or update of how things have gone this week:

  1. I made a new recipe with some of my abundance of browned ground beef in the freezer and it flopped big time!!  I think I am going to have to trash the leftovers because no one wants to eat them!

  2. I didn't seem to take too much out of the freezer or pantry this week!  I gotta get on the stick with doing more baking so that I can move more out of the pantry.  Hard though to do baking when the weather has been sunny and 70°+ days!

  3. Despite having to rearrange the menu plans for this week, we have not gone for take out food! Who wants to turn on the oven when it is 75° outside...that is grillin' weather so I pulled some premade burgers out of the freezer, frozen fries, and purchased some corn on the cob(on sale for 5/$1) for a summertime meal!

  4. I was able to make a meal for a couple at church who just had a baby a week ago! (I got to hold a week old baby girl who was sleeping sooo contently when I dropped the meal off. Oh! such sweetness!)

  5. Last week, my Grandma was moved to an assisted living home so my aunts, cousins, my parents, sister, and I sorted through Grandma's things on Tuesday so they could be put in a yard sale or sold online.  As a result, I was able to get a stack of plastic/Tupperware containers to add to my stash for leftovers and such. When I was finished for the day, my aunt gave me $100 for helping them out.  Since there was only $16 left in my checking account until payday(15th), that $100(still have some change left!) was used for groceries for the upcoming week.  You can read and see pics of my purchases in my weekly shopping post. 
I think that about covers the week in the area of food details at Sonshine's house.  Take the time to let me know how you did this week!  Also don't forget to blog about it and then link up the post over at Sara's!

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