Thursday, May 7, 2009

FREEBIES #2--Homeschooling Resources

**these freebies are no longer available, however, you can still purchase them by going to CurrClick!**  Go here for today's freebies!

Another day of freebies over at CurrClick!!! 

To celebrate Mother's Day, CurrClick is giving away FOUR freebies for you to download each day for the next five days!! The freebies will change each day! The days that they will still be offering the freebies is May 7, 8, 11, 12, 13!!! So do not delay in taking advantage of this wonderful resource!!

Today's Freebies are: 

  1. Ancient Rome Mini-Lapbook (TM) (K-8th)--This product comes with an extensive Study Guide, so you can easily teach as much detail as you choose and add to the lapbook as you see fit. All instructions and templates are included, and a layout makes the process fun and easy!

  2. Mother's Day Blessing--This set of Notebook Papers includes journal pages with quotes and scriptures, there are food journal pages, diary pages, shopping lists and even recipe cards.

  3. Footsteps on the Road to Learning ~ First Phonics Book--ideally for preschool and first grade. There are 52 phonics lessons with a number of fun activities in each lesson.

  4. Happy Scribe Copybook - Life on the Farm--It has twenty different sayings, presented in three different common handwriting fonts; Classic Block Printing, D’Nealian Italic, and Cursive.

Don't miss out!!!

Where to find the freebies: You can click on the picture above to get to CurrClick's homepage (or the CurrClick links in this post)and then click on the same picture over on the homepage to find the freebies!!

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