Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday---Sharing Leftovers

Every once in a while I will fix a meal that my picky eater kids really do not prefer to eat but my hubby and I enjoy for some thing different. 

Such was the case last week when I fixed homemade chicken pot pie for dinner.  I asked the kids if they were willing to try it again and they assured me that they would try the pot pie.  I had one say that they would prefer it as soup over pie. So I set aside some of the filling for that one child and put the rest into a 9x13 pan with a pie crust top.  I know not a true potpie but it allows those that do not want to eat the pie crust the option of just setting it aside. 

Dinner was served. My older two boys really enjoyed it.  One of them even commented that they liked it better with the crust than without it.   I still had several "hold outs" in wanting to eat it, however the rule is at my house that you have to eat was fixed--no cafeteria menus are available.  

With several just eating the small portion that they were served there was much of the chicken pot pie left as leftovers.  Knowing that my kids would not eat the leftovers of this meal, I decided that I would put the leftovers into individual serving containers rather than in one big container. Putting the pot pie into individual servings allows me to put them in the freezer for hubby's lunch later or to be able to share the extras with my elderly parents, or my elderly neighbor, or hubby's co-workers.  

This works for me because I do not have to worry about the leftovers going to waste and others are able to enjoy someone else's cooking and not go hungry!

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Sherry said...

What a blessing! :) Great idea!