Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Works For Me Wednesday--Library Benefits

Next week is National Library Week!  

I love the library! I find the library a valuable resource for me and my children!

Here is the reasons why the library works for me:

  1. I have found that it is very easy to get the books I need for different science and history topics without having to buy actual curriculum for those subjects. I probably look sooo funny coming into the library with a laundry basket in the back of my stroller so that I can fill it up with the different books that I will need for the week.

  2. I have signed up all of my older four kids with their own library card. They are responsible for the checking out and keep up with their books. This has proven to be very effective in making sure that the books get back on the due date without having fines. The kids know that if they forget a book and it ends up with a fine, it comes out of their allowance. It is easy to know whose book it is because they each have their own "checkout list" from the library.

  3. I have found that I can search the online card catalog to find the books that I need and place them on hold to be able to pick up at my local library rather than going to several different libraries and using up precious gas in my van. This has become so valuable to me with the price of gas these days!

  4. They have free programs geared for kids that they enjoy doing. My kids love doing the summer reading program!  We have also done storytime and craft time at the library as well.

  5. They also have tons of free interactive reading resources for my kids that we can use instead of just reading a book! I especially love this feature for my "pre-readers". My readers love the resources as well.

  6. Possibly the most important reason why I love the library is that it saves me money!! My kids(2 of which are bookworms!) can read books without me having to purchase all of them first! This way the only purchased books on our home bookshelves are ones that I know my kids enjoy reading again and again!

Why do you like your public/community library? Does the library work for you?

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Mommy Reg said...

I love the library too! We go about every other week and I go in with a list of all the books I will need for those two weeks and the kids check out books for themselves. The library is one of our most favorite outings. We would probably go more often if time permitted. Have a great Wednesday. :)

Snow White said...

I don't know if your library has movies, but we get all our movies from the library -- we haven't rented one in years!!

Suzanne said...

I just blogged about the library, too! I've been trying different branches of our library in town and I love the different atmospheres at each one.

Sherry said...

We LOVE the library! Being able to look up books online and if they aren't available to then order them from other libraries for only 25c. :D We've also checked out movies and done research for homeschooling projects. Not to mention both dd and myself are bookworms!! LOL!

Macomb Money Savers said...

I'm with you - I LOVE the Michigan Library System! When I see a book I'd like to read in a magazine, etc. I search the online database and put it on hold if it's available. When it's NOT, I visit the MeLCat site (Michigan E-Library Catalog) and see if I can borrow it from a library around the state! Usually it's there. When it's not, I can always request my library to purchase the item. I NEVER need to spend money on a book unless it's a reference tool that I can't seem to do without. And in that case, it either goes on my Christmas list, I look on ebay, or use a search tool like to find the cheapest price!