Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thursday Thirteen--Hinky Pinkies

In honor of National Poetry Month, I thought it would be fun to give you 13 Hinky-Pinkies to figure out.   Highlight the area past the equal sign(=) to find the answer to each one. 

  1. a hilarious rabbit = funny bunny

  2. a small violin = little fiddle

  3. a hard molasses mocha = toffee coffee

  4. a happy Tinkerbell = merry fairy

  5. a lawful bird = legal eagle

  6. a stomach full of jam = jelly belly

  7. a weird ape = funky monkey

  8. a young cat in love = smitten kitten 

  9. a tired flower = lazy daisy

  10. a more intelligent boxer = brighter fighter

  11. a fruit that needs a shave = hairy berry

  12. an airplane at a greater elevation than the others = higher flier

  13. a lot of farm land = plural rural

Take some time to figure these out!  Leave me a comment as to how many you knew!  The answers are in yellow, so highlight over the area just past the equal sign (=) to see the two words that make up the hinky pinkie!

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