Friday, March 13, 2009

Weekly Shopping Trip--Savings $5.25

I know what you are thinking looking at the title for this post!  "She only saved $5.25 this week???"

Well let me tell you the rest of the story!....

In working at trying to keep my average of $1 per person per meal going strong, I decided to take a break for any "heavy" grocery shopping this week!

My freezer and pantry are full of various meats, potatoes, rice, baking supplies, and snacks.  So I used what I had on hand and just got a few of the necessities. 

So I made up my menus for this week and found that I only needed to get milk, juice(apple juice and koolaid), eggs and garlic bread.   So all total I spent $21.36 for this week's of groceries!  I would have spent a $1 less if I had remember to grab the Meijer Mealbox coupon for the garlic bread!  

So instead of giving you a breakdown of what I purchased this week, I am going to give you the breakdown as to where I am so far for the year.

So far for 73 days of groceries, I have spent $1427.02 out of pocket.

Which averages out to $19.55 per day.

Which means that for 3 meals per day it costs me $6.52 per meal to feed my family of 7.

Which means that it averages out to 93¢ per person per meal! 

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Katie said...

I saved very little too because I only spent $19!! And the receipt never shows how much you saved on mark-down meat/produce! I got a lot of veggies and fruit last week.