Monday, February 2, 2009

Kitchen Tip Tuesday--Two Bowls Better Than One

My tip today is probably a no brainer for those who do a lot of once a month cooking(OMAC) or who do up big batches of certain foods but this little tidbit I am about to share really helped me this morning while doing up a hot breakfast for my crew.

The tip is when making up a huge batch of pancake or waffle batter remember that TWO bowls are better than ONE!   

Now you are probably wondering how I came to this revelation.....

I am working at getting out of a rut for the breakfast routine.  I am trying to up my average of hot breakfasts from 3 days weekly to 5 days during the week, hence working towards ridding my family of the cold cereal and toast morning routine.   

Anyway, I planned to do pancakes and bacon for breakfast so I made up TWO triple batches of my pancake batter. Well this Mom of five does not have a gigantic mixing bowl to make up the batter in ONE bowl!  So I got out TWO of my mixing bowls and set to work putting the ingredients into each bowl making the batches up simultaneously.  Once I completed making up the batter, I was able to put a lid on the bowl that I wasn't going to use first and put it in the fridge so I wasn't losing counter space and nothing got dropped into the batter! 

Another reason to put it into TWO bowls rather than just one is if I did not have time this morning to make up the both sets of batter I have the ability to come back to it later and finish making them for putting in the freezer.   

One downside to multiple bowls is that it creates more dishes to wash but in the end if it is going to save my sanity...well I'll use two bowls.

The end result of my madness of TWO triple batches of pancakes is one hot breakfast for seven and two gallon size freezer ziploc bags for two more hot breakfast by thawing and reheating.

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Sherry said...

How long do you keep your batter for?

BarbaraLee said...

I use a really big bowl. Less mess.