Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday--Shoe Racks

As a family of seven, we have ALOT of shoes!! The kids have good shoes and play shoes. Then when winter rolls around here in the Midwest they also have their boots that need to go somewhere!  

I got one of these racks for their shoes a few years ago when I just had 4 kids! It seemed to work well for their shoes and their boots just stayed on the floor.  The top two shelves were divided into two and then hubby and me got the bottom shelf for our wet shoes.  Well our family expanded and feet got bigger and that meant more shoes or no room for the shoes on the shelf! Which also meant the shoes ended up all over on the floor for someone to trip on going into the laundry room or to use the bathroom! Well I had enough of the shoes all over!  So I decided to figure out a better plan....

The better plan was to TWO of these stackable shelves!!  Now there is room for their shoes and even room now for guests to put their shoes! The best part in my mind is that these two shelves are smaller in height than the wire shelves so it makes things even easier for my little ones to find a spot on the shelves. 

And now the wire shelves are used just for boots! 

So that means that theoretically there will be no more shoes or boots on the floor for me(or anyone else) to trip over and that works for me!

Now I wonder what would work to get my 2yo from thinking that he has to take the shoes or boots off the shelves and walk around the house in them?!?!

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It Feels Like Chaos said...

I can totally relate to the need to have a system for storing the shoes and I only have 3 kiddos! I have blogged about shoe storage already twice in the two weeks I've been blogging!

Beverly said...

What a great idea. I just have a crate where the kids "everyday" shoes go. They all get tossed in so everyone has to dig through to find theirs each time we go anywhere. What a simple -- brilliant -- idea! I am adding a wire shelf to my shopping list right now!


Blue Castle said...

Shoes are taking over my back porch. It's a total mess. Thank you for sharing your solution. I think this could help us. :)