Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Button!

Do *you* like my new button???

Back along the way, my friend, Joy had a "welcome to my new home" giveaway over on her blog when she switched over to her own server.  The giveaway had a first and second prize to it. Well I won the second prize, which was a button for my blog!  

I love the button because it really shows the real concept behind this blog!  The real concept being that I want to be a light for Christ!  Even though I talk about frugal living, homeschooling, recipes, and more I want to be encouragement to others. I want to shine for Christ!

A little sidenote story...back in college I was on a team that did street evangelism, every Friday night we would go into the inner city of Cincinnati and talk with people and actually developed friendships with some of the homeless. One of the homeless people that I developed a relationship with started calling me "Sunshine" because every week I would come down there with a smile on my face.  Well the nickname stuck with me and the rest of my team even started calling me "Sunshine".  Also in college is when I started chatting on the internet bulletin boards(back when they were DOS based bulletin boards and not chatrooms) as well and I decided to use my nickname as my screen name.  The name "Sunshine" was already taken so I changed the "u" to an "o"to show others that I shine with God's Son's (Christ's) love and God's grace. 

So back to the button...I really think that Joy did an awesome job!  It will reside in my right sidebar for you to cut and paste and place on your blog if you would like! 

Thanks again Joy for your hard work!

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Joy @ Five J's said...

You are more than welcome, Sonshine!