Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Kitchen Tips Tuesday

After Tammy's two posts about child size bread loaves, I decided to try my hand at it! The results...
My family loves them! For my family it takes TWO mini loaves to feed them some as a side to a dinner meal.

I cheat just a little bit in the bread making process in that I use my breadmachine to do all the "hard work". I put all my ingredients into the breadmachine for a 2lb loaf and put it on the "dough setting" and in 1 hour 20 minutes my bread dough is ready to make into loaves to let rise for another hour before baking. The dough is enough to make 4 mini loaves.

I have been working at building up my freezer stock of these mini loaves because I think I am going to be using them for gift giving in my holiday gift baskets and neighbor goodie trays this holiday season.

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Tonya said...

How do you freeze it without getting freezer burn?My bread ALWAYS gets freezer burnt.

Sonshine said...


Thanks for the comment and the question.

To answer you question, I usually do not have trouble with freezer burn. I stick my loaves of bread in a ziploc freezer bag and then take a straw and suck the air out of the bag. Also the bread doesn't stay in the freezer over a couple of months. For other freezer tips, check put my post here