Thursday, December 4, 2008

Frugal Friday--Christmas Crafts

When you look out into your backyard and it looks like this....
Its time to really start thinking about Christmas!!!

So this week as part of our Thanksgiving-New Years school break, the kids and I have spent a couple hours each day working on different, fun Christmas themed craft projects.


We made homemade Holiday Felt Ornaments!!

To make these you need:

Gingerbread Man
brown felt
6" piece white rick rack(cut into 1" pieces for gluing on the arms and legs)
10" piece of red yarn

Christmas Tree
green felt
2-10" pieces of red yarn
gold chenille stem(form into a star and loop the bottom in the hole at the top along with one piece of the red yarn)

You will also need white glue, scissors and single hole punch. If you would like patterns to trace here is a gingerbread man and Christmas tree.


We got out the Magic Model Clay and made clay ornaments. I had enough clay for them all to do one ornament and then the rest of our craft time they played with the play-doh!


We created and designed our own Christmas cards! I have a bin of old greeting cards that have been sent to us over the years that I have saved so I let them take the different cards and cut out the shapes to trace(like my son did with a Christmas tree in the picture above) or just to cut out the picture and glue to a piece of construction paper to do their own design.


The kids helped me to decide what homemade goodies we were going to bake next week as we get our freezer stocked for the holidays and to also make our homemade goodie trays to give to our neighbors & friends for their holiday gifts.

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Kate said...

Thanks! I've been looking for some more ideas that I could do with the kids this month and these are great ideas. I know we have lots of old cards in a box of Christmas decorations so I'm going to pull those out tomorrow. The kids will have such fun with this project.

Mrs. Bargain Hunting Wife said...

Those felt ornaments are so cute, I love the gingerbread!!

atasha25 said...

Enjoyed my visit here. I found your blog while searching for Christmas craft ideas that my kids can do this Christmas season. You've got nice ideas.