Thursday, October 2, 2008

Parenting Series--ABCs Christian Parenting--Part 2

Last week, I started a parenting series using the alphabet based on Robert & Debra Bruce's book, ABCs of Christian Parenting. I talked about "A"--Affirming our Children as a gift from God. Despite the frustrations that you faced this week, did you take time each day to let your children know they are a blessing to you? If not, try again this week along with working at the next letter which is "B".

BUILD upon your child’s talents, seeking to discover God's plan for them.

Ever wonder what your child will be when he/she grows up? Ever wonder if that child who does nothing but talk all the time will become a world famous preacher like D.L. Moody? Ever wonder if that child who loves to play sports will become a professional in their favorite sport? Ever wonder if that child who draws on everything, including the wall will become the next Picasso?

There are ways to work with your child's talents, interests and learning style to help them develop into the person that God has created them to be and to find their niche in this world.

Reading an article called "Learning Lifestyle" over at HomeHearts, they give some ways to help build upon your child's talents, seeking God's plan for their lifes.

Trust! “For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works,which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.” - Ephesians 2:10

Teach your children “how” to learn so that they will be prepared for any path they choose.

Let them pursue life with you. Let them follow mom and dad in your interests.

Give them time to explore their interests. Some fascinations will come and go, but by the time they are ready to choose a direction, hopefully they will have some idea of the path they wish to take.

Keep your eyes open! When you see your child expressing an interest in something - feed it! Not push it, of course, but provide books, kits, and
materials that will encourage your child. If the interest wanes, no problem. Another is sure to surface.

Don’t fill up on scheduled activities(sports,music, 4H and the like). While some of these activities have their place, unless it is your child’s current “passion,” give your children the freedom to find their own interests.

For older students, just ask! They may surprise you with interests you didn’t know they had!
Parents are essential components in God's handiwork for their children! Terri Camp says it well in her article "The Oxygen"(follow the link to read the whole article)...

Every fire must have oxygen in order to continue to burn. Even the very smallest spark, must have oxygen. You, the parent, need to view yourself as the
oxygen for the fire. You are an essential component in the Fire Philosophy.
Sure, you could release your child to burn on his own, but without the oxygen
there - praying, encouraging, lifting up, and offering some helpful suggestions
- the fire would go out quickly.

Are you being the "oxygen" or are you being the "water" to your child? Are you watching with diligence for that spark of interest in something so that you can fan that spark into a raging fire?

Take time this week to find out what your child's interests are so that you can be their oxygen to help them reach their full potential according to God's plan!

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Kate said...

Beautiful sentiment. I just love the metaphor of water and oxygen. That is such a vivid picture to me.

I can't thank you enough for this series. I always remind myself that I need to focus on the bigger picture with my kids, and these posts are really helping me do that.