Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Weekly Grocery Trip--Savings $158.15!!!

After going two weeks without doing major grocery shopping, I went shopping this week! I have a full pantry and freezer once again! I need to take an inventory again of everything but I might be able to stretch things again for another two weeks(and a few items beyond!) I did my monthly Sam's Club trip. I spent $189 at Sam's for meat, potatoes, canned veggies, bagels, peanut butter, margarine, eggs, cheese and a few snacks(including candy to hand out at the 4th of July parade that my family is marching in). Aside from Sam's, I also went to Meijer, Save A Lot, Family Fare, and Walgreens.

I saw that Walgreens had a decent sale this week, including our favorite(read preferred) brand of TP. Here is what I got at Walgreens...
  • 2-12pks double roll Northern TP $10.98 (46 cents/roll)
  • 4 boxes 200 ct. Kleenex $3.98(basically 99 cents/box)
  • Afrin Nasal Spray Free after coupon
  • 2 pkgs. Twizzlers $1.98 (99cents/pkg)--my new found snack!
  • 6 Snicker bars $2.00(33 cents/bar)
  • 24pk Spring Water $2.99(12 cents/bottle)
  • KY Yours & Mine $9.99
  • Dawn Soap 79 cents
  • 2 bottles Shout(30 oz for price of 22oz) $3.00 after Easy Saver MIR of $2.00

Total after coupons and tax = $41.52 (actually OOP would be $39.52 after MIR)
Total Savings = $40.15(including the MIR for the Shout)

Next stop...Family Fare

  • 14 cups Yoplait Yogurt $7.30 (52 cents/cup)
  • 2 boxes Quaker Granola Bars $3.67 ($1.84/box)
  • 2 bottles Motts for Kids Juice $3.00($1.50/bottle)
  • 6 bottles Gatorade $6.00 ($1.00/bottle)
  • 4 loaves Aunt Millies Bread $6.38 (1.60/loaf)
  • 1-10# Seedless Watermelon $2.50
  • 1.16lbs Bottom Round Thin Sliced Steak $2.89
  • 2.05lbs Center Cut Thin Sliced Pork Loin $5.31
  • 1.69lbs Butterfly Thin Cut Pork Loin Chops $4.38
  • 1.58lbs Butterfly Thick Cut Pork Loin Chops $3.94
  • 1.57lbs Boneless Top Round Steak $3.91

I got 8.05lbs of meat for $20.43 instead of $40.86!!! I found the meat on the 50% off Manager's Special rack!! I brought home and stuck in my freezer for meals in the next couple of weeks!

Total after coupons = $49.28
Total Savings = $36.51

Next Stop Meijers....

  • 4-4# bags QF Boneless/Skinless Chicken Breast $29.96
  • 2 pkgs Split Bone in Chicken Breast $8.58
  • 2 cans beef broth $2.30
  • 1.5# fresh catfish fillets $6.10
  • 2 bags 50-60 ct. shrimp $10.99
  • 2 boxes Jiffy Muffin Mix $1.30
  • 2 boxes Green Giant veggies $1.40(70 cents/box)
  • 2 cartons Minute Maid Lemonade $1.00 (50 cents/carton)
  • 4 boxes Pizza Rolls $2.90 (73 cents/box)
  • 2 pkgs Ziploc containers $2.50 ($1.25/pkg)
  • 3 pkgs hamburg buns $2.99
  • 2 bottles Lawrys Marinade $1.00 (50cents/bottle)
  • 2 bottles All Laundry Detergent $5.00 ($2.50/bottle)
  • 2 boxes 75 ft. Reynolds Foil $3.68 ($1.84/box)
  • 1 container Cool Whip $1.00
  • 1 jar ChiChi Salsa 44 cents
  • 1 6pk Trix Yogurt $1.00(17 cents/cup)
  • 2 Yo Plus Yogurt $2.00(25 cents/cup)

Total after coupons with tax = $86.54
Total Savings = $83.49
Here is the breakdown of the savings on my receipt...
Non Coupon Savings = $72.09
Coupon Savings = $11.40

As I was finishing checking out at Meijer, an older lady that I had pretty much followed thru the store was behind me in line. She saw the amount of coupons that I gave to the cashier and got curious. So she is watching the computer screen as the coupon amounts start coming off and turns to me and says..."Now that is the way to shop!" I laughed and told her that I try to do this every time I shop because I am trying to stay within a budget and feed 7 people, 5 of which are kids 11 and under. Then she asked, how many boys? I told her that I had 4 boys besides hubby. She rolls her eyes and said...and I am sure they eat well too! We both laughed and I said yes they do especially now that it is summer time with their high activity level. Anyhow, it was nice to hear someone complimenting me on my savings rather than complaining about it!

I stopped at Save A Lot(SAL) too and picked up 6 frozen pizzas, 6 cans cream of chicken soup, and 2 mini loaves of garlic toast for $10.86.

Not counting Sam's (because the things I purchased there will last all month)...

My total shopping trip was $177.34
My total savings was $158.15
(not including what savings I got shopping at SAL)!!!!

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