Friday, July 25, 2008

How Do You Blog?

My friend, Kate, over at Simple Walk asked these questions over on her blog earlier this week. I thought I would take the time to answer them as a way to get to know me and how I blog a little better.

  1. Do you keep a running list of blog post ideas?
    Yes and No! If I think of an idea to post about that I want to save for a certain day, I will write it down on my calendar. Other than that, I usually sit down and think for a bit and then start writing.
  2. Do you only blog on certain days and about certain topics?
    No to the certain days. As for topics, I try to stick to topics that are not too personal but yet topics that I think others would find helpful.
  3. Do you limit the number of memes you will participate in? And if so, what qualifications must a meme meet in order for you to join?
    Yes I do limit the number of memes I participate in because I am find that there is ALOT of them out there. As for meme qualifications, I try to stick with ones that are not going to be too personal but ones where others would find the information that I share for the meme helpful.
  4. Do you keep your family anonymous, or do you use real names?
    I keep our real names anonymous. I do share pictures on occasion but usually refer to my kids by their ages.
  5. Do you feel guilty if you don't post for a few days?
    When I first started blogging, I didn't feel guilty. BUT now that I am somewhat established in the blogging world, I do on occasion feel guilty. I am learning though that life happens and my family is more important than sharing things with the world.
  6. Are there any off-limit topics that you will not blog about?
    Politics, and anything else that I just don't feel comfortable with sharing.
  7. Do you monitor your blog stats on a regular basis?
    Okay, I will admit that I do this!! I like to check to see if people are really reading what I am posting. I also like to check to see what posts are getting the most hits because then I try to work more posts to expand that topic.
  8. Do you ever sit and stare at your computer monitor, waiting for inspiration to hit, only to give up and decide to just post tomorrow? (Or, even better, when that inspiration does not hit, do you think "Oooh, I know, I'll ask everyone else about their blogging habits!")
    Yes, I have been known to sit and stare at the computer screen. I usually will go and read other's blogs or websites to see if I can get the inspiration to strike. If reading other sites doesn't work then I just go off and do housework and come back later during a break to write a post.
  9. Do you, without fail, refrain from blogging on any certain days of the week?
    I would love to say yes to this question, however, right now I blog just about every day of the week. I try to limit the amount of time I am blogging when my hubby is home. Also, once we start school back up, I am sure that there will certain days where I just don't make it to doing any writing.
  10. Do you do most of your blogging in one day and then just publish throughout the week?
    I would love to work up to this where I am just blogging one day a week and then let them publish throughout the week. I think this would help me not to spend sooo much time writing up posts each day.
  11. Do you limit the number of posts you will do on any one day?
    No. I have been known to write up 4 posts up in one day!

This question wasn't asked but I thought I would share why I started blogging in the first place....I started blogging as way to get all my homeschooling links to somewhere else other than just on my computer! Then I started reading other's blogs and seeing these memes that they were doing or participating in that I decided to expand the topics on my blog to more than just homeschooling but also to things that I do to keep my family of seven with one income surviving in this world. Also, I struggle with grammar and writing mechanics so I thought writing for the world to read would help me to refine my skills so that I could teach writing to my kids better.

So how do you blog?? I would love to hear...leave a comment here or go over to Kate's!


Kate said...

Thanks so much for answering these questions! It's been so fun to read everyone's answers. It sounds like you and I have pretty similar blogging habits. :)

Jen@BigBinder said...

This was really fun to read! I always have more ideas than I do time; it's hard to limit myself but I have had a lot of grace this summer and although my blog is suffering somewhat, my family is receiving the blessing :)