Friday, July 11, 2008

Frugal Friday--Entertaining

Last Sunday was oldest son's birthday and to celebrate we are having a "party" for him tomorrow.

When one thinks of a kid's party it is the hostess that does all the work by making all the food and the guests come bearing gifts(that really are not needed) and eat all the food and usually the hostess is the only adult at the event. However, that can make a party quite expensive line item on one's budget. It also can be very nerve racking trying to keep them all entertained so they do not destroy the house.

So Hubby and I take a different route when it comes to having parties. We invite families! This way, the kids can play together and the adults can interact together. This helps hubby and I to get to know our children's friends' parents as well not just the kids.

Okay I am sure that you are thinking how can inviting families actually help not make the party sooo expensive? It would seem to me that the party would be more expensive because there is more people, hence more mouths to feed!

Welllll the answer to your question...instead of requiring the families to bring gifts, we ask them to bring a dish to share. If it is during the summer months, we also tell them to bring meat for their family to grill.

Tomorrow afternoon when we have our "party"....I will providing burgers and hot dogs for my family. I will have a birthday cake and ice cream for my dish to share. For the hostess part of things, I will be providing drinks, and paper products for our guests. The two families will be bringing a dish to share and their meat to grill.

We will have plenty of food, and fellowship! Hubby and I feel that having the fellowship with friends is more important than the material gifts one receives at a "party".

Hubby and I follow the "potluck ways" even if we are just inviting friends over for dinner and there is no reason to party! It definitely helps to not break the bank when entertaining in our home.

For other frugal tips, ideas and resources head over to Biblical Womanhood!


Laura said...

This is such a great idea...and everyone LOVES a good potluck/cook out! FUN!

Laura said...

This is such a great idea...and everyone LOVES a good potluck/cook out! FUN!

The Happy Housewife said...

Great idea! We do family parties too, although I still do most of the cooking. We always ask for no gifts, but not everyone complies!

Tara said...

Great idea.. I love potlucks lol It really does take some of the stress off..

bigbinder said...

That is what we do too!! We hang out with families for our parties. All of our parties are like this; we don't split it up by age. Folks bring food and it is SO fun! I have to laugh because everyone says I'm a good host, how hard is it to buy hot dogs? :) The parents are there so they can watch their own kids, and the kids have a blast with the other kids, and the adults can just hang out.

Audra Krell said...

Great party ideas. I too, like it because kids behave differently when their parents are around. This way it's fun for the whole family. Thanks for sharing your tip!

Donna(mom24boyz) said...

Oh I like this idea, I may have to try this one out for my oldest son's upcoming party! Thanks for the tip.