Saturday, June 21, 2008

Weekly Shopping Trip--Stretching Last Weeks

Remember last week when I saved $92.71 and purchased a bunch of markdown meat??? Well aside from a $20 shopping trip yesterday and trip to Save A Lot earlier in the week, I am going to be able to stretch what I purchased with what is in my pantry for another 8 days!!! (Which translates til next pay day!!) No major shopping trip for me this week other than to get WIC items(like milk and eggs) in the next 8 days. :)

Since my pantry challenge ended, I have been able to restock my pantry decent enough to be able to this next 8 days! (See pic below)

Yesterday I went to Family Fare to finish a couple of meals for this next week and get hubby some Wild Cherry Pepsi(his morning "coffee").

Here is what I purchased...

  • 4 cases Wild Cherry Pepsi $9.00
  • 1 bag lettuce shreds $1.00
  • .58 lbs Roma tomatoes 58 cents (these are safe ones!)
  • 1 bottle Ortega Taco Sauce $1.67
  • 2.49lbs bananas $1.47

Total $19.61 with tax & bottle deposits.

I also found some clothes for my dd this week!!

So there is the deals/savings that I found and did this week! Stay tuned to see what my menu is going to look like for the next 8 days!

To read about others weekly savings, head over to MoneySavingMom's Super Savings Saturday and BecentsAble's Centsible Shopper Show N Tell!!


Melinda said...

I'll stay tuned to see your meals for next week! :)

I'm always on the look out for more dinner ideas!

I also live in the midwest. :)

Carol said...

I just found your blog. I am so impressed by your pantry. I added you to my favorites so I can visit again when I have more time.


Gill - That British Woman said...

you are doing well. I plan on doing an inventory of my freezers and eating from those for the next couple of weeks, doing a menu plan around that.

I plan on doing a post on this for Monday.

bigbinder said...

VERY impressive!! I'll be back for MPM!!

Jolene said...

That little dress is just too cute! Did I tell you that I am DEFINATLEY homeschooling the boys this yr! YEAH!