Monday, June 16, 2008

Clothes Shopping Oh My!!!

Today I went out to Save A Lot to grab a few things that I had forgotten in my weekly shopping trip and next door is Once Upon A Child advertising that there is a 50% off sale going on!! Needless to say, I did not resist temptation!! I went in to see what types of things they had on their racks!!

I am always looking for things for my girl, not because she is the only one but I haven't found a good outlet(ie church friends) for hand-me-downs for her. So I checked the racks for her size and lo and behold I found some things I couldn't resist in getting her!!

I got everything in the picture for $13.78(includes tax)!!!

Here is a rundown of what I purchased...
  • Youngland brand cotton dress(blue with pink gingham check and flowers and butterflies along the bottom) $4.50-50% off = $2.25
  • Izod brand knit dress(aqua, pink and white stripe) $6.50-50%off = $3.25
  • blue jean capris with pink stitching $3.50-50%off = $1.75
  • Children's Place tan khaki skirt with the tags still on it! $4.50-50% off = $2.25
  • Children's Place tank top(orange with fish) $2.50-50%off = $1.25
  • Kidslook's denim shorts with butterfly patch $4.50-50%off = $2.25

I can't imagine going into the mall stores and picking these items up for regular price!!

If you are not familiar with Once Upon A Child, you should go check out the link and see if there is a location near you! It basically is a chain thrift/consignment store.


jasmine said...

Those dresses are darling. I doubt they have one near me.

momtofivekids said...

That's great that you got such great deals. Isn't it so much fun to buy clothes for a girl!

Marcy said... got some great deals! I love to check out Once Upon a Child...they have tons of great stuff!

Donna said...

Great shopping!
Love the little dress!