Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Weblink Wednesday

The month of June is National Safety Month. TheNational Safety Council (yes there is such a thing! lol) is offering free on-line Standard First Aid, CPR and AED training from June 1-7 recognizing National CPR and AED Awareness Week. The opportunity is an easy and convenient way for people to learn or renew critical skills that could make the difference between life and death for a family member, colleague or any individual experiencing cardiac arrest. Please note: the free training does not include CPR and AED certification. Certification is available year-around through classroom and on-line courses conducted by state and regional chapters of the National Safety Council.

Throughout June 2008, National Safety Month activities will address the most significant reasons for unintentional injuries and deaths in the American workplace, on the road and in the home and community. We offer tools and materials that can help you and your organization Make a Difference in both on and off the job safety.

Week 1: June 2-6 Emergency Preparedness
Week 2: June 9-13 Distracted Driving
Week 3: June 16-20 Poisoning Prevention
Week 4: June 23-27 Falls Prevention

Along with my Safety Unit Study, here is a site with Safety Printables.

Another resource/book in regards to emergency preparedness that is done by FEMA is Are You Ready?

Hopefully these resources will help you prepare your family for emergencies or disasters.

For other web resources, head over to SoCalVal's blog--Homeschooling with Encouragement.


Kerri said...

Very good links. Thanks for sharing. My hubby is really good about this safety and preparedness stuff, but I am probably a bit lacking. Time to get up to date!

Betsy said...

Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I need to pass these links onto some friends! Thanks. Also, are you apart of the grocery game on the Internet? Where you can get coupons detailed to the stores and everything? A friend told me about that and I thought of you since you are such a good bargan finder!!!


Mommy Reg said...

These are some really cool resources. Thanks for sharing them.