Friday, June 6, 2008

Frugal Friday

It seems that each summer we go thru the dreaded list of statements and questions from my kids....

"Mom, I am bored!"

"Mom, there is nothing to do!"

"Mom, it is too hot outside can I play on the computer!"

"When are we going to do ___________?"

"Can I go ______________?"

Sound familiar?? I am sure that my kids are not the only ones that each summer try to test the patience of the loving parent that keeps them sheltered, clothed, and fed!

So this week I have been working at getting my "Summer jar" filled!

What is my "Summer jar"??

It is a canning jar with little strips of paper in it for those times(usually not very many!) when I have my kids come to me saying that there is nothing to do or they are bored or whatever statement they come to me with expressing their displeasure in not finding anything to keep them busy!

So here is what I have come up with so far...
  • play in the sand box with your little brother. (my 18mo loves the 8'x8' sandbox that my husband did up four summers ago!)

  • play board games together
  • play hide n' seek
  • play Legos
  • pick up sticks in the yard and driveway(we have a big silver maple in our front yard that is always dropping limbs)
  • sweep out the garage
  • wash the windows inside
  • clean the bathroom
  • vacuum the bathroom floors
  • do a Math quiz (I have a couple children who like "brain dump" their Math facts if we do not study them on a regular basis!)
  • help Mom with laundry
  • read a book (we are going to be participating in at least TWO different summer reading programs, our local public library and either Barnes and Nobles Summer Reading or Schuler's Books Summer Reading. I might try to do all three! LOL)
  • do a craft project
  • take your little brother for a walk in the wagon (we live towards the end of a cul-de-sac street so I let them walk within the limits that we have set for them)
  • dust furniture
  • organize game cabinet
  • fold laundry
  • extra 15 minutes of computer time
  • play with water balloons
  • pull weeds out of the cracks between the patio stones

Now to figure out other things to put in there!! If you were to have a jar what types of things would you put in it? I don't want to put too many of the chores/responsibilities that we do everyday, like setting the table, washing dishes, sweep kitchen floor, etc. because those are expected of them to do daily. I am looking for more of those types of things that would be out of the regular chores/responsibilities along with some fun things for them to as well.

For other frugal tips, resources or ideas; head over to Crystal's blog--Biblical Womanhood


Rachel said...

How about "draw/color a picture to send in the mail to grandma" (or any other beloved family member.

Joy said...

For the math facts brain dump, you could have your kids play the games at Their math games are fast paced, and the kids get to "play" and "review" at the same time. My kids have loved it.


AmyR said...

Excellent ideas, thank you!! It's only early summer, and while my kids haven't spoken the words, "I'm bored" they are circling around me....and I don't like it! : ) I'm a homeschool mom of 3 in the midwest, and enjoying my summer "off." Our town has $1 kids movies during the summer on Wednesdays, so we're doing that, and afterwards we'll walk to the pool...lots of exercise and cheap too! (Saving on gas.) Have a great day, I like your blog. : )