Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday

Do you ever imagine living in a different era? An era where washers, dishwashers, and fridges were not even in existence? An era where convenience was having the well pump next door so you didn't have to walk too far to get water to wash your clothes or do your dishes or even get a drink?! An era where building a fire was the norm in order to have hot food for a meal?!

After this week, I am so glad that I live in the era that I do!! The inventions of the major appliances has been such a blessing to me!

I am blessed that I have a fridge in my home that keeps the food cold!

I am blessed to have a stove and oven that work that heat my food so that I can have hot food for meal.

I am blessed to have a dishwasher where I can load it up and let it run while I spend time with my family. I know that this particular appliance is not in every household but I am glad that it is in mine! I run it on average every other day!

I am blessed to have a washer that washes my clothes clean! Last week, I found my washer not working! It decided that after 10 years of heavy use that it wasn't going to work anymore. It wanted to "pop" the fuse in the middle of cycle! So hubby and I decided to buy a new one. Well that meant that I had to FOUR days without a washer. This is a big thing when I do laundry at least every other day! Anyway, it was delivered yesterday and found that the drain in the house would not handle the amount of water that was being pumped out of the washer! So I had water all over in my laundry room. Thanks to my hubby, he was able to figure out a way to extend the drain pipe! So now my new washer is functional and not spilling water all over.

I am blessed to have a hubby who can be ingenius and figure out how to make things work!

Don't get me wrong...I admire those that lived in the time before me! I admire their hard work, inventiveness, and love for life! I am very grateful for the lessons of life that I have learned from those that lived before me

However, having the modern conveniences and appliances is what works in my life today! What modern convenience or appliance works for you?

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Anonymous said...

I agree I am very happy to live in an age with running water and electricity. Our washer went about 18 months ago and it took over a week to get a new one (we lived in the country) Thank goodness for neighbors who let me do my wash at their house!

Niki Jolene said...

WE actually don't have a dishwasher. One came with the house but I made DH throw it out because I hate them!

However, I don't know what I'd do without my washer...or my computer!

Those 2 frequently come up in my daily Gratitude Journal!


Anonymous said...

And it's a blessing that we're in America...after 2 years in a post-Soviet country, I know that this "era" is not enjoyed worldwide yet! T.G.