Friday, April 11, 2008

Glimpse into a Hectic Spring Break!

This week has been a hectic week! It was looking so hectic on last Sunday that I decide that we were going to be part of the crowd that was on spring break! So here is what we have done for spring break....
  • Dentist appointment for hubby on Monday. Glad it was him and not me! I don't like going to the dentist! However, it probably would be good if I got in for a cleaning soon. :)
  • Monday night in preparation for bedrooms and living room getting carpet cleaned, hubby along with a neighbor friend took our 12 year old beat up couch and put in our finished basement that the kids use as a playroom.
  • Tuesday we had our carpets cleaned. They look alot better!! We need to have it done more often! I think the last time we had them done was shortly after we moved in our house 5 years ago!
  • Tuesday I also had a new washer delivered! This was not something I was planning on doing this year!! My 10 year old Maytag Neptune washer decided that after several repairs and heavy use it wasn't going to work any more without "popping" the fuse in the breaker box. So now I have a nice Frigidaire Affinity front loader washer. I have already put the washer thru the paces! Monday night and all day Tuesday, I worked on catching up the laundry and did 12 loads of laundry. Needless to say that after several days of no working washer it is nice to have one again!
  • Tuesday was also my errand day for the week. I try to do my errands at the beginning of the week so that I can catch all the good deals and just cruise thru the week.
  • Wednesday we had our new matching couch, chair, and ottoman delivered! We purchased this at a local furniture store who had lost their lease on their warehouse. So we ended up getting a very good deal on the pieces. This is were part of our tax refund went! :)
  • Thursday was a quiet day relatively speaking! However, it rained ALL day so the kids were not able to enjoy any outdoor play so I guess it was a rather noisy inside day! I also was able to get some cleaning done.
  • Hubby decided to take Friday off from work. It is nice having him home but sometimes he has creates his own agenda that conflicts with what I have planned for the day. It can make for a very busy day trying to help him with his agenda and getting what I need to get done. He cleaned all the house windows today. We also are decluttering and taking things to the electronics recycling place and to Goodwill.
  • Friday afternoon thru Sunday morning we have hubby's dad and his wife coming to town for a visit. It should be fun! They haven't seen our house yet! Actually the last time they came to see us was back when my now 11yo was a 2 1/2yo!!!

So much for a relaxing spring break!! I still need to get school schedule and menu plan done for next week! Gotta find time with guests here to get it done! :)

I say all this to let you know that with having a hectic week I haven't been blogging as much as usual. So stay tuned! I'll be back next week! :)

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