Thursday, March 13, 2008

Spring Cleaning!

Do you feel like this lady already??? Spring cleaning is just around the corner! Or maybe you have already started working out some of that clutter! Well at any rate it is time once again to do a deep clean of your house and get those winter blues and bugs out!

I have started spring cleaning by working at getting rid of some of the clutter that has seemingly collected(read multiplied!) during the winter months. I haven't gotten to where I am going room to room and deep cleaning yet. That will come in the next few weeks as the weather starts to change from deep freeze to comfortable temperatures and refreshing breezes.

In my quest to stay organized during spring cleaning and making sure that I have covered all the basis I have found a few places that have free printables available or just encouragement to stay strong and get the work done!

Frugal Hacks ---Amy from Mom Advice shares some links along with her free printables that will help you tackle things in just one hour's worth of work! Very motivating!

Organized Home --articles on organizing spring cleaning along with some printables to use as well. They also have some printables to use to get those Spring Garage Sales off the ground!

Good Housekeeping --great spring cleaning tips!

Organizing Spring Cleaning --steps to planning on to get that spring cleaning done!

Now that we know how to plan and attack the spring cleaning, and we have our checklists in hand. Lets attack!!! Find those cleaners that we have in the cupboard just waiting to be used and lets get busy decluttering and cleaning the winter doldrums out of our houses!!

So what are your favorite cleaners to use around the house? Once you are done cleaning do you light scented candles or do you just open the windows to let the fresh, crisp air into the room??

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~Babychaser~ said...

Thanks for the tips!! That stuff at Mom Advice looks great!