Friday, March 14, 2008

Savings Total--$90.63

I went to four stores(not including my Sam's Club run) and saved $90.63!!!! This isn't as great as the last time I did major grocery shopping all in one day but it is still good!! This time I stuck myself out there and went to CVS and Walgreens for things rather than just shopping at the grocery stores.

My 1st CVS run(picture above)

1 Garnier Shampoo reg. $4.29/sale $2.99 plus $2 ECBs plus $1 off coupon
2 CVS Aspirin 81mg 32 count reg. $1.99/sale 99cents
4 bags M&Ms buy 1 at $3.49 get one free

Total OOP(out of pocket)= $11.25
Total saved =$11.28

I don't think I did too bad for my first trip "CVSing"!

My Walgreens run(picture above)

2 Walgreens brand Children's Tylenol $3.99/each
2 Walgreens brand Daytime Cold/Flu 20 count-Buy one at $4.49 get one free(normal price is usually $4.99)
2 Kotex Maxi Pads 2/$5.00 minus $1.00 off coupon (plus I got $1 off my next shopping order)
Jane Cosmetics buy one get one free
I got Mascara $4.99 and concealer $3.79 and then I used 2/$2 off coupons found
2 White Rain Shampoo bonus size bottles 19.95oz $1.00/each
1-8 count pkg. Kleenex brand mini packs $2.00

Total OOP = $23.05
Total savings = $18.86

I was going to get toothpaste that was on sale at Walgreens but the one I went to was totally out so the clerk gave me a raincheck!! I know that isn't the best that I probably could have done but I think it is a good start! I am definitely stocked up on a few things.

Now on to the grocery stores(sorry no pics)....


Bananas $1.31 (2.22lbs/59cents)
Green Cabbage $.37 (1.96lbs/19cents)
Red Grapes $1.40 (1.82lbs/77cents)
Golden Delicious/Gala Apples $2.11 (2.13lbs/99cents)
1 head of lettuce $.99
3 Meijer Mac & Cheese $1.00
6 Meijer Canned Green beans $2.00
6 Meijer Canned Green peas $2.00
4 Aunt Millies Butter Top bread $5.98 (buy one @ $2.99 get one free)
2 Tombstone Pizzas $5.00
2 Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls $3.00
2 bags Meijer QF Boneless/Skinnless Chicken breast $14.98 (buy one get one free)

Total OOP = $39.94
Total Saved = $36.70

The total saved would have been 40 cents more if I had remembered to give the cashier my coupon for the cinnamon rolls!! UGH! I had a crying baby with me so I was trying to get thru the check-out to get him home for a nap!

Also you probably wondering why I got the cinnamon rolls and pizza in the first place. Those are a couple of convenience items that I keep on hand for those times when I don't feel like cooking or need something quick before rushing out the door! :)

Family Fare(local Spartan brand store)

They have a sale this week with certain items 10/$10!
The items I got:
2-64oz Spartan Apple Juice
3-32oz Gatorade
2 Spartan Canned Sliced Peaches
2 Spartan Canned Sliced Pears
1 Dole Pineapple Chunks
3 boxes Spartan Fruit Snacks
Total $13.00
Plus I got:
3 boxes frozen Spartan Leaf Spinach $.88
1 box Spartan Cornstarch $1.29 (this was a need item not on sale!)
3 pkgs fresh ground chuck $17.00 (On sale for 1.69/lb, I got 10.06lbs and put in the freezer 11 burgers, 7 meatloaf patties, 50 meatballs, and 2 containers of cooked = 7 meals for us!!)

Total OOP = $39.43
Total saved = $23.79

Grand Total OOP = $113.67
Grand Total saved = $90.63

Between the chicken, ground chuck, and the meat I already have in the freezer plus of course my pantry we have enough to get us thru til the end of the month without having to grocery shop for anything other than WIC items(milk, eggs, etc.) and fresh produce(on sale if not we use the canned fruit!)


Candace said...

Great job! I'm proud.

happyhousewife said...

Great deals, especially for your first CVS trip. Good job!

Jessica said...

Looks like you have plenty of chocoate from your first CVS trip. I did too! You will start getting really excited as you start walking out with more ECB's then when you walked in and spent under a $1.00 OOP. That takes a while, but you will get there.

Kim said...

Wow, good going! Doesn't it feel great to spend so little? Oh, by the way, I'm tagging you, LOL. Just go to my blog at

It explains everything