Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday

So what is sooo special about these little things called clothespins??? They serve multiple uses in my house! Not only do I use them for their intended use--hanging clothes or diaper covers to dry, I also use them for....
  • holding rubberbands! I clip a clothespin to the side of my bill slot on my desk and then hook rubberbands over the pin.
  • holding receipts! I superglued a magnet onto one side of the clothespin and then stuck the clothespin on the side of my fridge. This way I have a place when I or hubby come in from shopping, we can clip the receipt there and the receipt doesn't get lost and forgotten before it is registered on the computer checkbook(better known as Quicken!).
  • holding chip or cracker bags closed so that they don't go stale!

You can usually find a bag of these at your local dollar store!

I am sure that there are more ways that I could use these little inventions! But these are a few of the ways that they work for me! For more tips on things that work for others, head over to Rocks in My Dryer!


Rebecca said...

I like the rubberband idea. I used to use them for chip bags too, and don't know why I haven't lately! Will start again.

Jeni said...

Clothespins are fantastic for so many things! I haven't done this yet, but your suggestion about the rubber bands has inspired me - I could sort out my daughter's little hair bands by using clothespins arranged by color! That would sure save us time when getting ready! Thanks for the "Aha!" moment!

Kit said...

Hi! Thanks for your comment on my blog! I'm a newbie, so I'm loving learning everything! Our families sound a bit similar! I have three boys (9,7 and 5) and a girl (2). We haven't gone for number 5 yet...not sure if we will. Funny that you had a boy...we were SO SHOCKED after three boys to have a girl! And she is so much fun!
Great ideas for clothes pins...I also use them for chip bags and the like.

Minkydo said...

When kiddo was younger, we used clothespins to close our bread. It was much easier for him to use than the twist-ties.

baby~amore' said...

Beautiful W for me W
♥ these ideas I am going to use them !
thanks for visiting me
My Little Drummer boys

sarandipity9702 said...

Clothespins are great inventions aren't they? I use them for lots of things like chip bags too. I've also used them for repairs around the house like fixing board books that my 3 year old has torn. They make great clamps.

Laura said...

You can also paint them/decorate them and attach them to a wall in your kitchen or children's playroom and hang the kids art from them! (various places sell similar items including pottery barn kids and land of nod!)